Discussion: Trump Faces Political Risks, Gains With Leading Government Response To Harvey

Here’s all I need to know, AP. Don’t mind what they say. Watch what they do.

Trump’s rollback of flood protections risks further Houston-style calamity
Houston has some of the most lax laxest building regulations in potential flood zones – and the president wants to spread that policy across the US

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This morning NBC mentioned the building over a lot of marsh areas surrounding Houston in the last few decades.

However this is also a hellacious amount of rain being dumped in a short period.

I saw a report that Trump is gonna end DACA today. If that happens, it is going to make me exponentially more cynical about Trump’s we-are-all-in-this-together themed visit to Texas.

This is it! The Big Pivot! It’s totally possible for him to just shrug off a severe personality disorder that literally determines and compels almost all of his reactions and behavior, as it has for most of his 70 years, and pivot to presidentially presidential leaderliness!

Jesus Christ. As Betty Cracker at Balloon-Juice pointed out, talking about the Glenn Thrush thumbsucker at the NYT today, at this point it’s Linus sitting in the trumpkin patch all night waiting for the Great Trumpkin to rise. Rachel Martin was on Morning Edition, doing the same thing, though you got a real sense that she was just performing a silly ritual demanded by higher authority as a condition of employment.

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