Discussion: Trump Doubles Down On Putin's Denial: Probe Has ‘Driven A Wedge Between Us’

Trump lamented that the Russia probe had placed a “wedge” between the U.S. and Russia

it’s all so very Romeo and Juliet, Romulans and Capuchins…

Remind me if that one was a rom-com or a tragedy.


Of course, he’s gonna double down.

From The Daily Beast in an article entitled Trump Just Fell for ‘a Classic KGB Trick’:


A Kremlin advisor suggested … last week that Putin, with his total command of facts and details, would shock and awe an American president who went into the meeting apparently believing that his gut would guide him to some sort of triumph. And from Putin’s opening statement to the close of the press conference, it was evident that is exactly what happened…

Jarmo Koponen, a senior Finnish correspondent and Russia expert agreed: “Putin has been trained to be a mastermind of human souls, he is a specialist, so he’s really got Trump by the balls!” .[/quote]


Hannity sez about trump:

“You literally just finished the press conference with president Putin moments ago. A lot of stuff came up. You were very strong at the end of the press conference.”

trump sez about Putin:

“I thought that President Putin was very strong.”

Yet EVERYBODY else saw how weak trump was / is.


“When you see this thing going on and I will tell you, it has driven a wedge between us …"

I think he got that language from Melania.


I just had a sense of what it would be like if, as I suspect, we finish this whole saga never really knowing how much of this stuff is just his total constant bullshit approach to life and how much was genuine delusion. Just this strange detour in our history with a perpetual mystery lingering about how this broken mind worked, to the extent that it worked at all. So bizarre.


Well, when all the monkeys were running loose on the Romulan ship, it was funny, but then when one of them pushed the wrong button and the matter-antimatter pods were breached and the explosion ripped the fabric of space-time I wasn’t sure how to feel. I mean, all those dead monkeys. It was one of those scenes where the audience laughs, but awkwardly. Weird way to end the season.


“a free wielding press conference”

free-WHEELING. Seriously, Josh, I am happy to do your copy editing for free, but it would be better if you could let me review it BEFORE it gets published. :sweat_smile:


It’s a bit early in the morning but per chance do I see an allegory in there?

/captain obvious


This was like watching Cheney controlling Dubya, but Cheney was an American citizen.


A clue in that clip is Hannity working as a prompter. When I hear Trumps mangled conspiracy theories, like at yesterday’s press conference, I hear Hannity.


I think you see a great idea for a weird spinoff hybrid. Just tell them in pitch meetings it’s “Star Trek meets That Darn Cat!”


Putin doesn’t seem very clever to me. He’s a sneering bully who delights in letting people know that he really is a murderer and thug.
He was never a KGB agent—he had only a desk job in an undesireable posting, and likely has no spycraft. I wonder about his mental state now, and not just Trump’s.
I have a feeling the Helsinki conference is going to backfire badly on him, because everything Trump touches really does die.


Yeah, he’s the Trump Whisperer. He makes 40 million bucks a year making idiots think they’re perspicacious, so he’s perfect for the role.


I’m sure Trump will breathe a sigh of relief when Putin decides he’s had his fill of the Mueller probe and finally shuts it down.


I feel bad getting in the way of Trump and his true love. He promised devotion to us, but his heart was never in in it, and I think we should give him his freedom to be with Vlad.

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Dean Jones, dead or alive?

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I think Putin used their meeting to guide Trup to fire Mueller now “because that nasty Witch Hunt is hurting our nations’ beautiful friendship.” That is the theme Trup kept repeating at the press conference. And now the mysterious meeting with Congressional leaders. Is he feeling them out about whether he can get away with firing Mueller and trying to end the investigation?

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He had a long career but the laugh track, alas, eventually fell silent. : (


Why would Putin do such thing? That’s the vise on Trump’s balls, otherwise he would have to blackmail him directly.

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