Discussion: Trump Dictating Don Jr. Statement Is Another Piece In Obstruction Puzzle



If the memo hadn’t misspelled “adoption,” Trump could have gotten away with it.


This family is the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.


Drumpf just can’t keep his mouth shut and it’s a wonderful thing to witness.

OT but this is the kind of article indicating a confession of sorts I’ve been waiting for. Maybe other people have too . . .


We can all assume that Josh is right and there is no innocent or even remotely innocent explanation. Trump is trying to cover up a crime or crimes. He isn’t doing a good job of it, but he is trying.


It used to be a sin, but apparently God’s Law is taking a backseat to Russian aspirations now.

Under oath, it’s both. And that’s a comin’, Jedediah

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Thanks for the link!


The point of the Gingrich conservative movement was to undermine values to enable crooks to seize power and rob the country blind.

Look at incomes, and who is stealing the wealth.

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There’s something missing here: if Trump (as he insists) knew nothing about this meeting until reporters began to ask questions, how did he know when dictating the statement that the meeting involved only “adoption”? As the Times pointed out eons ago (or has it only been two weeks?) the word “adoption” in this context is code for “sanctions.” But how would Trump Sr know unless he knew more about the meeting than he has disclosed even to this point?

Regarding Flake (courtesy of 538)

Here is Flake’s report card.

Flake, Sasse, Graham, Grassley, GOP/etc. can say what they want, but as long as NY’s or Calif junior senators are more so Trump haters than all of em, then Flake’s words are just that.

Wow. My internet has been down for two days. It feels like two months in Trump’s America.