Discussion: Trump Demands Comms Team Changes, Asks Sadler And Others To Identify Leakers

it’s really shocking what a disorganized, unprofessional mess this white house is, after all the success this president had in the private sector for decades, running a tight, ethical, and scandal-free series of businesses.


I assume that Trump is not at all concerned that he is the source of the leak via one of his frequent un-monitored calls.

I give it better than even odds that Trump himself is the source.


Once again, he’s not at all concerned about what was said, but rather that what was said was made publiuc knowledge. It’s like, what has this country come to when a man (or woman) can’t slander someone else behind their back?


And the President has asked the aide who made the joke about McCain “dying” to help him identify leakers, according to three people familiar with the situation who spoke to Politico.

In any other administration, this person would’ve been thrown under the bus so the president could save face, but with these folks that is their face.


The beatings will continue until morale improves, but as an actual response to a problem and not a joke on a piece of cardboard hung in a cubicle. But what else can they do? They’re the mean people who suck that the bumper stickers warned us about.


All traitors will be shot.


Perhaps what is leaking is the hole on the side of his face…


Saw that the other day. Pretty disturbing. But I can’t think of anyone more likely to ignore a serious medical problem. The perfection is unsullied!


That’s gross. However, the comments have me laughing.


“Still shaken by the leak of a morbid joke made at Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) expense during an internal White House meeting earlier this month,”

A couple of things. It wasn’t a joke, it was a cruel, heartless statement of fact. And the people diminished by the statement were the piece of garbage who made it and Trump, not Senator McCain.


He said the stories that are often privately shared with the media are inaccurate and damaging, according to Politico.

And if anyone’s an authority on “inaccurate and damaging,” it’s Trump. Poor guy must be thoroughly humiliated by all the “fake news” his own employees are purveying.

Anyhow, the “joke” was silly, the “leaking” of it was not nice, and the fuss everyone made over it was utterly ridiculous. Were McCain in his right mind, he’d simply have laughed it off.

There is no evidence — none — that it was a “joke.”

Reminder…there is no Communications Director, and hasn’t been since Hicks announced her resignation.

Leaving any group of people in this administration to “work” together without some sort of hierarchy, will always result in increased byzantium backstabbing. Its the culture that Donald has cultivated for decades. In this particular case, its the Hunger Games for a position that none of them wants.

Now keeping all of that in mind, we are entering an extremely crucial point in this Presidency. The Mueller investigations are picking up steam, his party is facing huge losses this fall, and his “diplomacy” initiative with North Korea is falling apart. All three are precisely the time you want a well honed Communications team on the job.


So, the Don does and says appalling things, blames the communications staff for leaking information about these appalling things? Clearly, no bucks are stopping with him…his own responsibility in anything negative has yet to be seen or acknowledged.

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True. Also considering his narcissism, it is unusual. Steps away from the expectation. So is Sadler special enough that he would throw her to the wolves?

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I like how you think! That would clean out the scum…stat!

Assuming we don’t all die in a nuclear holocaust or see the country fully collapse into banana republic territory, the tell-all books after this is over are going to be great.

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This sounds like typical trump cowardice to me. Loudly demanding that someone else make unspecified changes. Which he will be able to blame them for when nothing improves. Oh, and relying on the ickiest person in department as his primary source of information and opinions.


To find the leakers in a non-instrusive way, Invite them all to a pool party and see who is surrounded by little bubbles.

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