Discussion: Trump Deletes Tweet Saying Cruz 'Illegally Stole' Iowa Caucus

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Donald “The Draft Dodging Coward” Trump is the greatest victim fraud since Black Lives Matter.

You know, after all this time with Trump being in the lead, I still cannot rid myself of the nagging feeling that this is all some sort of bizarre performance art, or that he’s trying to expose the farcical behavior of the entire Republican party.


Since you endorse the police murder of 10-year old black kids, StormFront is a more logical place for you.


The Derp is strong in this one.


A few minutes later, Trump published a similar tweet that does not accuse Cruz of doing anything illegal.

Isn’t stealing illegal?? To say Cruz stole Iowa is still implying that Cruz did something underhanded or illegal. Sorry, tRump is just a WABT.

Firing off half-baked incendiary tweets and then quickly deleting them is just so … presidential! (Swoon.)


Wow, you mean tRumps get killed by Law Enforcement for no reason, and the Cops usually are not punished or held accountable in any way??


This is a classic example of how marketing people really don’t care about what the words they use mean; they only care what the words connote. You know, like by “supplies are limited” they mean “Get excited and buy the thing now, today.” They don’t actually mean supplies are limited. By “stole” Trump means he, himself, didn’t really lose. And by “illegally” he means “and what Cruz did is bad.” That’s why he’s always babbling stuff that has near-zero content that’s factual and describes the world as it is. It’s pure emotion he deals in.

ETA of course this applies to the original “illegally stole” tweet, not so much the further looniness in the updated piece here. As a whole this line of whining is really more about his mental illness overall.


And now a look at what will happen if Trump is the GOP candidate and loses in the genera…


What is Trump referring to? The Cruz campaign spreading the rumor that Carson had quit the race? Of course, no one knows what impact, if any, that had.

Trump once again shows himself to be a preening, narcissistic, immature guy. He’s the most thin-skinned candidate in recent memory. All of this adds up to a graceless and sore loser. Whatever one thinks of his “truth-telling” and his air of toughness, or even of his (non-existent) policies, it becomes clearer every day that Trump’s personality and character make him totally unsuited for the Presidency.


The undecided and last minute voters went for Cruz and Rubio. Also trump lost Evang and the “share my values” votes…THAT is why The Donald lost…Iowa voters didn’t believe him phony bible stunt.


He’s just mad he didn’t play as dirty as Cruz did.


If there is a hell it consists of being trapped with Donald Trump in a car lacking A/C, and being forced to drive the length of the southern border in July. Forever.


Man/boy whines again. Color me … disgusted again. Doesn’t anybody have the guts to tell him how juvenile he sounds? And I’m referring to more than just this one deleted post.


I know some really good Mexican restaurants in Douglass and Nogales, AZ. I bet The Donald doesn’t.

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The reality that Trumpy can not accept and rejects with lying and bluster is the hell that he already has created for himself. He will share his hell with us if he is elected.


Its actually not performance art. We are witnessing the workings on a very unwell mind. Try as he might in his speech that night, Trump just cannot keep those internal demons at bay. They demand in the feverish hours of the early morn, that he arise and send them forth into the ether of the twitter. And he can only oblige.

Losing does more than just shake the foundation of the political illusion he is building, it shakes his own internal illusions even more. He simply cannot accept it.

So these sort of tantrums were no surprise…the only question was, how long was it going to take to come out?


Y’know, Donald, it would be a lot easier for you if you just went THIRD PARTY.

That being said, trying to litigate Iowa is like putting toothpaste back into the tube, and really, Iowa isn’t so important in itself anyway. Trump better start worrying about getting his supporters to the polls.


When all else fails-SSSSSUUUUUUEEEEE!