Discussion: Trump Defends Campaign: 'I'm Being Divisive Right Now Because I Want To Win'

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Right. He’s being divisive, but only because that’s what it takes to “win”. And in the next sentence he says Barack Obama, who Trump spent years accusing of being a foreign born usurper, is the divisive one, while he’s a “uniter”. I don’t know which of those two in the interview I’m more upset at: Trump, or that alien on his head who makes him say such stupid things.




Thus proving that the Donnie is diametrically opposed


" I will be a great unifier. You will be surprised to see that but you will see that."

That IMO is the UNDERSTATEMENT of the century,Mr Trump.


Yeah, he’d be a great “uniter” oh, and in case you forgot, he’d be “so good at the military that it will make your head spin.”


“I will be a great unifier for the country. And if you don’t unify, my brown shirts will beat the crap out of you.”


my mistake…

I thought he was being divisive because that’s what assholes do…


I agree with Trump that he’d be a “uniter”, just not the way I’m sure he means it. After 2 years of Trump, both houses would be solidly Democratic – if there’s still a government.

On second thought, the term he used was “unifier”, as in make uniform not “uniter” as in get people to work together. Yikes, brown shirts is closer to the mark.


Oh, Incredible Mr. Trumpley, when you get the nomination our heads will be spinning so fast that unity will be inevitable, proving without a doubt the Schrödinger’s Cat Paradox.

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“Well, I don’t think so, because you know, one by one they’re dropping out. I’m against — I was against 16 other candidates and, you know, I’m being divisive right now because I want to win,” Trump replied. “I know how to win. That’s what I have to do.”

Trump said he would be a “unifier” if elected.


Side note: This confession officially shows how stupid Jeb, Kasich and Rubio are.


Oh he would unite the country all right. It wouldn’t be long before everyone in the country hated his guts.


I’m being divisive right now because I want to win

That, in and of itself, is a moronic remark. no matter how you slice it.


They also fart a lot … as evidenced by his words.

He’s right about one thing: You can’t win the Republican Party presidential nomination any longer unless you are divisive. The TeaParty are raw meat eaters. The rest of the GOP are zombies who need to be fed regularly.

Loved Sunnuni’s comment this week:

“I have no feeling for the electorate anymore,” said John H. Sununu, the former New Hampshire governor who helped the elder Mr. Bush win the 1988 primary there and went on to serve as his White House chief of staff. “It is not responding the way it used to. Their priorities are so different that if I tried to analyze it I’d be making it up.”

Nobody trusts Republicans including their own base. GOP leaders like Paul Ryan have proven to everyone how corrupt and incompetent they are. The Dixiecrats know it takes one to know one.

And Rove just can’t fool anyone with his propaganda any longer. The Silent Majority can’t afford to vote Republican as they are now as underemployed as the working poor.


A lot of people always have hated Trump and his unending need for someone to stroke his ego. The social media will take down Trump when it tires of his buffoonery and gets a good look at his Aryan Nation supporters. Nicki Minaj could start a Twitter feud and neutralize Trump before he ever knew what hit him.


Trump said he would be a “unifier” if elected.

Ummm… Donnie… GW Bush said the same thing and look how that turned out.

By being divisive, Donnie, you appeal to a minority of the crowd that might vote for you and none of anybody else. Which means in the general election you would appeal to maybe 25% of voters although another 10% will hold their noses and vote GOP because they don’t know anything else.

You think you know how to win an election but this is your 1st serious run at any office. It takes practice, Donnie. Even Reagan didn’t win the 1st time.

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He’s used to firing people who disagree. As president, he would probably have them fired upon?

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W found Presidents have a right to order torture …


If Donnie can’t win, he always goes bankrupt.

But I doubt he’d ever risk so much personal capital again when there is no way for him to recover part of the cost through a tax right off or insurance claim.

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