Discussion: Trump Cries 'Rigged System!' Amid Claims Comey 'Exonerated' Clinton Early


They are starting to get desperate if they are digging THAT up, over a year after it happened.

Cornered rats lash out at anyone and anything, but this is just Trump’s lawyers “Working the Refs” to try to discredit Comey.

Transparent but their only avenue of defense at this point.

The rules of lawyering:

  1. If the charges are against you, attack the evidence.
  2. If the evidence is against you, attack the witness.
  3. If the witness is against you, attack the law.
  4. If the law is against you, pound on the table.

They are Stage 2.


Next up:
Trump’s recap of the Electoral College results.


You can almost smell the fear.

ETA: Perhaps Don the Con just heard about this report from Andy Borowitz about the FBI special ordering a pair of very small, tiny handcuffs…

(Gotta love Borowitz…!)


the senators wrote in their letter

Unaware irony was lurking…


criminal charges against Hillary Clinton before the FBI had completed its investigation into her use of a private email server as secretary of state

That sounded like small potatoes back in the day. Now it looks like miniature petite fingerlings.


A good rule of thump is that if you have examined 85% of everything there is to see and all of the evidence points in one direction, then the final 15% is unlikely to change to outcome. You can always redirect if a “smoking gun” is found, but there is no reason to not start drafting the report. Besides, some partisan will always say “but you did not check everything (e.g., Vince Foster, Pizza gate, etc.)” so you could keep this investigation open in perpetuity. Which, I suspect, is what Trump really wanted.


If the regime (& the RW in general) had ANY sort of intelligence about it, they would have realized that for ordinary people, the HRC investigation always had a finite shelf life. As austin said above, it’s was always going to be more of an irritant than actual wound. But to drag it out this long only shines more of spotlight on Rump himself.


In the best juridical prose, ‘So what?’ It is, simply put, neither here nor there as respects the Mueller investigation. Pathetic, except for its availability as shiny object fuel for the reporting, or rather stenographic, minions.


This is always more about Trump’s mindset than anything. With the tight ship Mueller runs, the general public is about 3-4 weeks behind in what we know. But Trump’s outbursts and temper tantrums often give us a window as to what’s going on in real time.


Maybe he heard yesterday that Mueller is working with the IRS in addition to state investigators. If he hasn’t heard that yet(Fox News??) I can imagine the explosion when he finds out.


From CNN

A person familiar with the matter pushed back on the notion that Comey had already reached a conclusion that affected the investigation.
The person said back in spring 2016, agents and Justice Department officials were talking about how the investigation would end and there was a belief that the evidence was going in a direction to not support bringing charges. This individual said by April 2016 the FBI had reviewed most of the evidence and didn’t find evidence suggesting that Clinton had violated federal law. The person said the FBI wanted to interview her but didn’t believe it was going to change the outcome.
The source also said Comey was not involved in the day-to-day steps of the investigation, so even if he reached a conclusion it wouldn’t have affected the result of the investigation.
A second person familiar with the matter told CNN that Comey had not already made up his mind, and that it did not influence the investigation. The second source says the FBI had already reviewed much of the evidence by spring and it was becoming more clear that it was not likely to support bringing charges.

So basically, Comey started preparing for the inevitable exoneration, as the final conclusion of the investigation was assured.

This tells me that 1. Grassley and Graham are grasping at straws and 2. Mueller’s delving affects them as well as Trump, Lord help us all, they are in on the scam.


It wouldn’t surprise me if Comey knew in May, because anyone with half a brain knew from the beginning that there was no case - criminal or civil - against Hillary Clinton. But it is “hilarious” to see Trump complaining, because it was Comey’s public actions, not his private judgments, that put Trump in the White House. It was Comey’s extra-judicial comments in July condemning Clinton’s actions, while clearing her of any legal wrongdoing that kept the issue alive. And it was Comey’s wholly inappropriate re-opening of the case a week before the election that put Trump over the top in a few states and into the White House. If there is anyone who has a right to complain about Comey not going public and ending the case in May, even though he knew there was no case, it is Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump. And even more than Hillary Clinton, it is the American people who have every right to be furious with Mr. Comey.


Damn. Dude is so incompetent, he can’t even pull off attempted intimidation by tweet - as he just sounds whiny, petulant, and powerless.

Think about that. This and so many of his tweets - the Presdient of the United States - positions himself as Powerless for the world to see via his childish tweets. Not new or news. Just somedays strikes me harder than others.

Weakest US President of the modern era.


Trump makes nice on ethanol and the next day, Grassley writes a letter? Nope, nothing to see here at all.


In on it on the level of deniable complicity? When the stuff hits the fan, they’ll simply adjust to the new power realities. I don’t think that’s so bad.


And this is Fox:

.@TomiLahren: "How about when the mainstream media stops covering Russia day in and day out, maybe we can drop the Hillary email scandal." pic.twitter.com/OwfYWfuhDD

— Fox News (@FoxNews) August 31, 2017


By the way, how are those 303 morons? The MediaWhores keep traipsing after the Creature’s base to the exclusion of all else, and one wonders why they’ve never interviewed any of those stupid sonsofbitches.


A view from inside Trump’s Brain:
“Oh, no, the IRS is looking into my tax returns and Robert Mueller is collaborating with 3 state attorney generals to file charges and take me down. I can’t be pardoned from state charges!!!
What do I do?
Play the: What about Hillary Card
Tweet: The FBI is a rigged system!
Play the Iowa Ethanol card: Call Grassley and tell him I LOVE ETHANOL


Apparently, it’s more “newsworthy” that the MSM reports on their continued faith in Rump than the remainder of the country’s disgust.