Discussion: Trump Considering Posthumous Pardon For Boxing Champion Jack Johnson

Dual function. Shiny Object for the public/esp the base; and a reminder to his inner circle in hot legal jeopardy that he has the presidential pardon power.

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Anyone really think tRump will end up giving this great black boxer a pardon? I still have my doubts. The nom de guerre, The Great White Hope could easily end any discussion before it even got started as far as tRump and his white nationalist base are concerned.

In other news, a man that goes by the nom de guerre of both Rocky and Rambo, has recently suggested The Great White Hope be posthumously pardoned by President David Dennison, John Barron or John Miller…whichever floats your boat.


What the hell - I thought this was the Onion.

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Because he has and always has had such a great relationship with “the Blacks.”


Actually, I do.

  1. Stallone is his supporter, and more or less kissed his ring at the Mar-A-Lago party. Trump loves to have people beg for his favor; in particular powerful people; he respects people who are familiar to him; he values people by their standing as media figures. The world-class celebrity who was Rambo on the big screen? And went to his New Year’s Eve party (and likely paid through the nose for the opportunity)? Checks all Trump’s boxes.

  2. Breaks long-standing DoJ precedent.
    2.a It’s a personal dig at the elf for breaking his department’s policy, especially if he reads it in the newspaper first.
    2.b. Breaking precedent is kinda his thing

  3. Will give Trump a chance to “prove” he isn’t really racist. So basically an ashamed attempt of cover for his pardon of vile living racist Arpaio. Similar to how putting Ben Carson in his cabinet atones for literally every racist policy or utterance from that administration.
    3.a. Will give Trump an opportunity to complain about the ingratitude shown by “those people” if he isn’t immediately hailed as a Civil Rights Hero ™.

  4. Posthumous pardons could conveniently tie up the bit of bureaucracy that normally deals with these matters. Better yet is if they rebel and get fired, especially if he gets to paint them as pro-Jim Crow in the process. The last thing this guy wants is any sort of government attention on his power to pardon his friends.


Hold another trial and exonerate him, and let the culture that convicted the champ ask his pardon.