Discussion: Trump Concedes To Cruz In Iowa: I'm 'Honored' To Finish Second (VIDEO)

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What a LOSER!


And then he breathed a BIG sigh of relief.


Someone should have thrown a tomato.


Some people (la da da da dee) think coming in second is the same as being schlonged. Just sayin’ Donnie la da da da deeeee…


Putin doesn’t like losers!

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“We finished second, and I want to tell you something, I’m just honored.”

The word is " humbled " Dumpster — Oh…never mind —


Trump, the John Carter of candidates…

Barely made the also ran. Rubio almost put Trump into 3rd. I suspect it will get much harder going forward.

tRump: This is Adele’s fault.

I had said a while back that Trump would fade, just took longer than I thought. Rubio seemed like the guy that would get the nomination, and based in Iowa it looks good for him. The nuts are in Iowa, and Rubio was still a very close 3rd. Trump will fade more, and Cruz will fade too. Rubio is the likely nominee.

Maybe. But he is a green politician who has made some very questionable financial decisions in the recent past and really doesn’t have any experience or story behind him.

Cruz looked strong and then he has faded as he has got attention. Don’t discount the likelihood people won’t like Cruz when they get an upclose look.

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Two words…Palin magic.


I realize everyone here hates this guy, but I have to give him credit: this was exactly the speech he needed to give to prevent the Iowa results from haunting him in the next few primaries. He comes off as very likable to those who like him and that is exactly the image he needed to covey in order to keep his lead in NH and SC. I still think he’s got the best shot at winning the nomination.

Wild results. Hilary and Bernie neck & neck, basically a three-way race in the GOP. Despite the disparity in “votes”. For Iowa “votes” means more in the GOP, with easier rules (write a name on a piece of paper and leave) and the Democratic Party rules are tougher on turn-out. Did 1366 people turn out for the Democratic caucuses, or did each of those represent 15 votes? The results CAN’T reflect Democratic turn-out. Cruz pulled approximately 52,000 votes (8 delegates), Trump about 45,500 (7 delegates), and Rubio about 43,000 (7 delegates). In optics it’s a huge (Yoooge) smear of Trump, who is a loser, for Rubio and the establishment a huge win in delegates but not much difference between the three. Between Clinton and Sanders it’s a difference of 3 “votes” but 7 delegates (28/21). Almost all must be already committed Super Delegates.
WasTrump just too smooth (weird word to describe him), too New York, too Big Money for the stix? He’ll likely win New Hampshire, but Southern states? Sanders in the South? Time will tell by the end of March. What a show we’re in for, and what a disaster if the GOP wins with Trump or Cruz, and Rubio would be at best a redux of George W. Bush. On the chance that the GOP wins the Presidency, what a dismal best worst case to wish for!

Love that Trump ended his speech by saying he thinks he’ll buy a farm in Iowa. ‘I may have lost, but I have enough money to come buy a piece of the state anyway.’ I don’t know, just something poetic about that.

If Trump wins NH, Cruz comes in second, and Rubio third, I’m not so sure Rubio is the likely nominee. This race is wide open. Anything can happen.

“In fact, I think I might come here and buy a farm. I love it. OK?”

Well congrats then, 'cause you already “bought the farm” in Iowa!

Verb: buy the farm ‎( buys the farm, buying the farm, bought the farm)
(idiomatic, US, informal, euphemistic) To die; generally, to die in battle or in a plane crash.

And yeah, I’m lovin’ it!

Things were going so well until Palin and Arpaio endorsed him.


Classier than saying, “The money’s on the dresser. I’ll call next time I’m in town.”