Discussion: Trump Claims Credit For Bringing Back Sprint Jobs That Were Already Announced


tRump has also claimed credit for no giant meteors having come within a billion miles of plant Earth since his youuuuuuge election mandrake.


I’m pretty sure I could come up with a math equation but I’m lazy this morning so I’ll ask rhetorically…

how many companies does Cheeto Donnie have to personally contact to continue job growth at 150K-200K a month for 4 years and where would he find the time?

and how soon after the economy tanks does the rhetoric start to blame Obama?


Trump also claimed to have made Don King’s lower plate…

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Yep anything that can be spun as positive will be credited to/by The Dumpster… negative will receive the old “I haven’t heard about that” routine. I’m looking around at his cabinet picks to see just who has been selected as the designated fall guy, off course once he is gone another will take his place.


Immediately, if not before. That’s a given. The tell was how much republicans whined about Democrats pointing out that the economy was in tatters because of W. They will without doubt, blame any and all ills on Obama for years. Hell, they blamed Katrina on Obama.


Actually, it was in April of last year.

Here Are The News Outlets That Repeated Trump’s Lie About 5,000 Sprint Jobs

Not a single one of the major U.S. media outlets that spread Trump’s lie today has retracted or even updated their stories with accurate information.


Same here. I wonder who will take the blame for his failures becuz…

Ain’t gonna cut it no more…

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" It will be a combination of newly created jobs and bringing some existing jobs back to the U.S," a Sprint spokeswoman said…"

Whether it’s Trump propaganda or company propaganda, it’s the same disease. Shitty jobs at low pay for desperate people.


So what? The state and federal governments are GOP. Many false promises were made.

People are idiots true, but not complete idiots, especially when jobs and health care are on the line.

I expect backlash against the GOP. The Obama excuse will thin very quickly.

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What worked on the campaign trail won’t fly when he’s president.

It’s the boy who cried wolf syndrome: at a certain point credibility goes out the window.

Donald Trump is a sociopathic liar. He is also delusional in his constant self promotion and glorification. And he has spent his entire adult life surrounded by “Yes Men” who praise his every move and every delusional claim. Now, the entire world and US population get to suffer the consequences as he blatantly makes false claims about Likud Israel’s bullying of the US and the entire world, AND moves by US companies that happened over a year ago.


All praise to Tremendous Leader for this bounty of new cubical jobs! Before his wise leadership, America was terrible, a total disaster and now it is great! All good things flow from his hands. Give thanks to him for the coming of sunlight, the receipt of your paycheck and the flavor of your food. Give thanks to him for your recent recovery from a head cold, for the A’s on your child’s report card and the contraction of your painful hemorrhoids. Thank you, Tremendous Leader! Thank you for all that you do for us!


forever. that is their plan.

ralph, that was yesterday’s news. just movin’ on.to the next lie.


I’m not so sure about a backlash unless we do something - look how long it’s taken Kansas to even begin to react to Brownback’s trainwreck. Progressives need to highlight at every turn the hypocrisy, lies, immorality and corruption of the Repugnant-cans.


Really waiting for the headline, “Former part-term president and convicted fraudster reports to federal prison”


they need to lower expectations now so it will be easier to blame someone else later…

Here’s a great idea for trolling Comrade Drumpf that was posted yesterday by @machoneman:

O.K. gang, here’s the deal!

Everyone pick a company in their home state, a mid-to-large one. Bone up a bit on the CEO/President’s name. Then, call into Trump Tower, act as if your are a spokesperson for Mr. CEO/President and report in that XYZ Corp. in say Bumfart, Iowa has decided to add 500, 1,000 or 5,000 jobs to the USA by bringing said jobs back here.

He’ll fall for it alright…and be embarrassed later! Imagine if we get hundreds to call in! WOW!

The only part of this that I question is Drumpf being “embarrassed later.” I don’t think he’s capable of such an emotion.


Speaking of moving on.

What precious few media organizations ever worried about, however, was the fact that even with the best-crafted headline in the world, for every person who clicks on it, there are hundreds, if not thousands, who see it, digest it, and simply move on. People get their news from headlines now in a way they never did in the past, just because they see so many of those headlines on Twitter and Facebook.

Which means that, for any remotely serious news organization, the amount of traffic that a story drives has to be less important than the message that headline imparts, when it’s divorced from the article it sits atop. In 2017, it will be clearly inadequate to excuse a bad headline on the grounds that anybody who hasn’t read the full 4,500-word story is unqualified to pass judgment. Even people who get their news from individual news organizations’ apps find themselves scrolling through headlines these days at a rate which would have been unthinkable in the age of print. Getting news from headlines is entirely legitimate, and journalists can no longer hide behind the age-old “I didn’t write the headline” excuse.