Discussion: Trump Campaign Official To Plead Guilty In 2014 Bundy Ranch Standoff Case

He should get a taste of Western justice…a short rope and a tall tree.

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DeLemus, who had been listed as an alternate delegate for Donald Trump to the RNC weeks after his indictment, faces nine federal charges, including conspiracy to commit a crime against the country and threatening a federal law enforcement officer.

Uh Donald, doesn’t this make your campaign official a terrorist?


Trump Campaign Official To Plead Guilty

I think I want to trademark this phrase, it’s going to get a bigly yuge amount of use in the next few years.


Jerry’s in line for a promotion in a Trump administration - a full pardon and appointment to assistant to the assistant Sec’y of Defense.

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I think a short rope and a short tree would also be funny. Definitely a “Depends” moment…


If you can judge a man by the company he keeps…this doesn’t say much for Trump.

He’s got white supremacists, ultranationalists, racists, bigots, misogynists, militiamen, and Chachi on his side.


Look at the Goober-Terrorists in the background checking how many Facebook “likes” they’ve gotten.


I am surprised this clown or Trump has not complained about the Judge being prejudiced because she is Latina.


If Trump attracted anyone who wasn’t a dangerous assh*le you might give him a tiny benefit of the doubt, but no.


This calls for a fire squad execution. They’re in vogue these days.

So this guy signed a plea agreement rather than face a judge or jury. Tells us a lot about his faith in whatever that ridiculous ideology was that led them to commit treason. It seems to me that if they were in the right, as they kept claiming to be, that any reasonable jury would agree with them.


I love the photo. It’s the one they put in the dictionary next to the word “moron”.


Good thing this guy just lives under his own make-believe tyrannical government. If this little role-playing game of his were real he’d be dead or serving a life of hard labor. Instead he gets the mercy of a plea deal.


Only the best and the brightest.

Well, he knew he could not get a fair trial because the flag in the courtroom had gold fringe on it.


Locking him up with the Orange fascist would be a nice way to spend 10 to 15 years…

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Here we go, fans.

The first direct connection (I’ve seen) with militia types. Roger Stone warned of a “bloodbath” should Donald lose.

I’m wondering now what’s going on behind the scenes. What promises are being made to whom. And I’m wondering if the militia types are going to be the ones at the poll stations as “observers”


So far 11 of the 26 arrested in Oregon have copped a plea. Jon Ritzheimer was the latest - he’ll do 2 - 3 years instead of 12. Of course, all of these guys are now felons and not allowed to have firearms. That should be interesting the next time they pull some crap. Oh, and his website, which used to sell ‘patriotic’ merchandise is now begging for funds.


I’d bet money on that.