Discussion: Trump Calls Out Rand Paul For Opposing Latest Obamacare Repeal Push

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But of course he did.

Clueless, predictable dickhead.


Mr. President, the junior Senator from Kentucky thanks you.

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Trump was reportedly irked by Paul’s loud, public opposition to Senate repeal efforts.

Trump is irked the money from the charity gumball machine in the lobby of the Smithsonian goes to the March of Dimes instead of the RNC. "Irked" is tattooed on his ass.
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New boilerplate: “Donald Trump Lashes Out at ___________”


Paul opposes because there’s not enough blood. Others may follow because there’s too much. We’ll see.

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He still doesn’t understand that on the conservative end of the spectrum it’s all about looking tough, so calling someone out makes it harder for them to compromise.

At the same time, Rand Paul’s word is worth half a stick of used chewing gum.


Sorry, that is an “old” boilerplate…

Peckerhead. He’s got nothing if he’s not shouting names and insults to SOMEONE.

You are reallreally rich.
You can afford anything you want
Why do you want the rest of us left with nothing?
Why are you that fucking cruel?
I can only conclude that you hate your countrymen/women and that you are the spawn of evil. Worse than Richard Nixon and that is saying something since he cost me 6 dear close buddies who went to Vietnam and did not come home.


An excellent point. The more he calls people out, the more they are likely to solidify their position, especially when capitulating to Trump means selling out their constituents.

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Rand Paul is against the bill for the wrong reasons. John McCain, who doesn’t have much more time on this earth, will probably support the bill because it has his friend’s name on it. Susan Collins will probably oppose the bill because her constituents applauded her at the airport last time. Lisa Murkowski, who doesn’t understand that being a senator means your votes are for the good of the country and not just Alaskans, may support this bill because she got some bling from Donald.

I’ll take Rand Paul and Susan Collins, warts and all. It would be nice if someone in the GOP actually did something for the right reason once and a while. Remember “regular order?” John? This is the worst bill so far. It hasn’t, and won’t be scored in time. It will have no debate. It is crammed forward, packed in lies, and has zero Democratic support. So, John McCain, go ahead and justify yourself. Wouldn’t you like to go out having just once, done something for the right reason?


I LOVE watching power plays between Trump and Repub senators/congressmen. My money’s on Trump winning this one, and Rand eventually voting for it (perhaps after a face-saving amendment).

Murkowski always hems and haws in the run-up to a vote, but she hasn’t supported repeal in any iteration thus far. She already got a waiver for Alaska, so there’s no incentive for her to bargain with Cassidy, Graham, or Trump.


The Emmys. More important than government work:

(DB quotes audience of 11.4M compared to last years low of 11.3M)


Yeah, like one specifying if you’re diagnosed with cancer in a month ending in “Y” you qualify for preexisting coverage.


Pssst, the producers of the Emmys have sex with animals, pass it on. Hurry, or Greg Gutfield will beat you to it.

In fairness, it is a new demo low

TV Ratings: Emmys Hit New Demo Low, Stay Even in Total Viewers

Trump has no idea about health care…he doesn’t mind that millions will lose insurance. After all, he can pay for his medical care.

Privately he’d take satisfaction from the fact no President had ever stripped health insurance from as many people as he had. It’s a new record!! He’ll have similar thoughts as he gets reports his nuclear bombs killed even more people than died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Another new record!!

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