Discussion: Trump Calls Blankenship To Mend Wounds From Nasty WV Senate Primary

“The EPA may have an opening soon…let’s stay in touch.”


Nothing personal, Don – just business.

Another hit on the Donald Trump World Comedy Tour
Don’t you remember Donnie , He’s Trumpier than Trump

Shit. Next Secretary of Labor.


Nah, he’s a natural for OSHA


Ben Carson just got hit with a lawsuit; predicting Blankey becomes new Sec’y of Health and Human Services.

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Doesn’t the Dept. of Labor have a Mine Safety and Health Administration? Seems like the exact fit.

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No one is Trumpier then Trump and if you try to be you might disappear.

"I’m really sorry I had to Tweet against you. But you knew what you signed up for…

But enough about YOU. Lets talk about ME!"

President Donald Trump called failed Republican West Virginia Senate candidate Don Blankenship Wednesday in an attempt to smooth feathers ruffled by a nasty primary, according to a Politico report.

trump couldn’t call the guy that took down the Waffle House killer but he found time to phone the loser of a primary to smooth his feels.

Priorities, I guess.:confused:


Would any other president pick up the phone to call a man who killed 23 miners, and poisoned thousands of people in the state he aspired to represent? Even McKinley or Harding would have thought better of that.


What kind of looking glass are we through when the president calls a convicted criminal to apologize for opposing him? This is what the GOP has come to.


So those GOP nimrods think that Trump calling Blankenshipo is going to help mend fences?!? Are they smoking meth?!?

“…party leaders are worried that Blankenship will use his resentment and deep pockets to damage the primary winner”

They’re worried the same dirty tricks they used against democrats for 2 decades will be used against them by one of their own?
I believe that calls for a:


Well put!

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Idiot. Let a 25% never-has-been loser twist in the wind.

But no, you want everybody to adore you forever.

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Maybe he thinks he’s going to need some friends inside.