Discussion: Trump Called Into MSNBC: 'I'm The King Of The Tax Code!' (VIDEO)

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“I’m king of the-!” CLONG!

This is the first thing Trump has said that I can agree with. Will be interesting to see if the other dwarfs will attack him on this.


Actually, he’s the King of: “Telling the rubes what they want to hear.”
and they eat it up.


I hope he starts attacking former Gov. Willard “Mitt” Romney (R-MONEY) on his refusal to release more of his past tax returns.

How much do you think Trump knows about the Earned Income Tax Credit?


Oh please. President Obama and Democrats have been trying to do this but Republicans have protected their rich masters.

Well, he’s got the same hair as the King of the Forest at least

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Yep, a Republican saying they want to simplify the tax code means, ultimately, lowering taxes on the very wealthy.

Trump, King of the Tax Code? He’s another billionaire who hires a whole host of shyster tax accountants to tell him to get around the code, not how to properly pay his taxes. Wouldn’t that be great to have a President who would help all Americans skirt the tax codes? That way we could watch the Federal Government collapse and our country devolve into a Corporate-controlled oligarchy!

Yep. I sure as hell trust a frequently bankrupt, currently self-proclaimed billionaire to resolve and reform the income inequality and tax code iniquities problems facing this country. Yeah, that’s gonna happen.

But the TeaBagger rubes will slurp up his spewings, gleefully. Trump’s mentor is P.T. Barnum. He thrives on the prodigious birth rate of suckers.

Trump is no King of the Tax Code. He is the King of Bankruptcy Court.

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Honestly, I’m embarrassed for anyone who buys into this kind of macho bravado.

Just imagine for a minute the King of Bankruptcy running this country.

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This is what I thought Romney should’ve ran on - “I’m Mitt Romney and I know where the loopholes are because that’s how I made my fortune”

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Remember that TPM piece about Trump’s relationship with WWE wrestling? I swear that candidate Trump has just moved one of those characters developed in WWE from the ring to the political arena.

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This has been promised many, many times before and is now once again being said by Donald Trump (R-TMZ).

Are you trying to tell us that it isn’t already?

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“Idiocracy” was set 500 years in the future.

It was ridiculously optimistic.

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Trump is the kind of guy who if he wasn’t rich and married would claim a six figure loss on his Schedule C so he could use the Earned Income and Child Tax credits to claim his ex-girlfriends’ kids :hankey:

I hear theres one born every minute…lol

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