Discussion: Trump Brushes Off Ad's Use Of Morocco Footage To Depict US Border (VIDEO)

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“No, it’s, it was just footage. It was really just footage.”

Hmm. I’m skeptical. I’ve seen some studies that say that projecting still photos in rapid succession can create the illusion of motion, and can have profound psychological effects. But hell, that’s just me…

the media treats this guy with kid gloves because their afraid he won’t appear on their shows if they actually press him on his bullshit.

He response is essentially “eh, facts don’t matter” and this an acceptable response for a presidential candidate? GTFOH


And this is how Trump bamboozles his way into building golf courses and hotels that go bankrupt…no no it doesn’t matter, it’s just a picture BUT when I DO IT it’s gonna be YUUUUGGGEEE!

The video’s purpose was to deceive. It was chosen for its shock value ( as long as you were ignorant of its truth ) to alarm folks by deception. It was a calculated and deliberate act. It was not just “footage”. It was footage put on American TV’s to deceive Americans into thinking there’s a problem that in reality does not exists. Belief in that bogus problem is central to Trump’s success. So he lied to the country.

So far he’s not been called down for the lie in it.


Because most of the target audience for this ad (assuming he actually airs it, which is a pretty dicey assumption), won’t hear this discussion about the footage being from Morocco. They will take it as an article of faith that its from the Mexican border, and they are all rapists and drug dealers.

Let’s face it, the meta question that this video raises, isn’t even being discussed. That is, that there IS a wall on that border and it is a complete joke at stopping immigration. And that’s just a tiny little border by comparison to the one Trump wants to fortify.

“it was just footage. It was really just footage.”

Oh, I see, so it’s the video equivalent of “Not Intended as a Factual Statement.”


Yup. Last I heard, more Mexicans were returning to Mexico than coming this way.

For the first time since the 1940s, more Mexicans have been leaving the U.S. to return home than arriving…About 16 million Mexicans flocked to the U.S. during the last 40 years—about half of them illegally. But between 2009 and 2014, some one million returned to their country of origin, while 870,000 headed to the U.S., according to the report.

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Next time Trump starts spouting some BS about how he’d “hire people” to solve everything, remind him that the Mexican border wall might end up being built in Morocco instead. Because that’s the kind of people he hires.