Discussion: Trump Breaks Precedent As President With His 2020 Dem Challengers Punditry

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It’s OK you ignorant fat turd.
If you don’t get impeached or arrested we’ll shortly be gauging your competitors .
They’re going to primary you bitch


Most Presidents want to accomplish something that will let them live on in the history books. For Trump the whole game is running and winning. Of course, he spends his time commenting on his Democratic opponents, for Trump being President isn’t as important or interesting as being a candidate.


Keeping up with all the Dem candidates may be a full time job for the nitwit that can’t seem to work a few hours a day.


It’s just awesome that things are so great across America that Trump can act like a third-rate pundit on a fourth-rate network, though perhaps that’s giving Fox too much credit.

So much for the “national emergency” then and please don’t try to tell me he’s too busy to stand trial on corruption and conspiracy charges.


They need to laugh at him — laugh, laugh, laugh — that will really tick him off… bullies want you to fear them – so they respond to fear – but laughter really puts them back on their heels and just makes them mad – not victorious like fear.
When they will hit back hard, which they will – laugh some more. The more you are able to laugh, the further they will skulk in their corner……. LAUGH


Not Trump. He’s eager to shape the debate, sow discord and help position himself for the general election.

Wow! Exactly what the Russians did in 2016. What a crazy coincidence.


All of the declared and prospective candidates need to focus on issues, and ignore the mango man-baby. Deprive him of the most important thing in his world: attention.


Dear AP: how about

Trump Obsessed with Trash-Talking Possible Challengers – one more sign of dementia


It’s not the economy, stupid. It’s the stupid, stupid. It’s the grossly demonstrated unfitness for office. He wants to define the emerging nominee? Pfft. Here’s one of his former teachers, on his deathbed, talking to his children about the newly declared candidate Trump: “When that kid was 10, even then he was a little shit.” That’s the whole ballgame. He needs to go.

  1. The media does not have to cover this level of swill…but it will of course. Anything for clicks, eyes, ratings, all the while clutching its collective pearls in shock! shock!

  2. Shorter Raj Shah: “Trump will be a giant lying asshole on social media. It’s the only thing he is good at.”

  3. The Deplorables are listening because they need something to tell each other. They have no ideas or opinions of their own


If there are any sensible Rethugs out there, they need to drag a candidate out to compete against this monster.


no argument here! Laughing takes the bull out of bullies…

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Trump to Dem candidates: here is how I plan to attack each of you in approximately 18 months. Because I’m a genius.


If he even gets as far as the general election, he’ll need a whole host of new criminals.

Putin and the GRU will be right by his side, of course. But the Mercers and Bannon will likely keep a low profile. Wikileaks has been degraded. Stone, Flynn, Cohen, Patten, Cambridge Analytica won’t be there, and perhaps not even Don Jr. and Kushner. Could be interesting.

I’d love to see Democrats run an ad showing Flynn screaming, “Lock her up”, then cutting to him in a prison cell. Ditto for Cohen and others.


Trump Breaks Precedent As President [insert abhorrence]

I’m pretty sure every headline writer in America utilizes a macro for that.


Not Trump. He’s eager to shape the debate, sow discord and help position himself for the general election.

So, in other words, he’s eager to hurt his chances (which happens every time he opens his mouth or twitters his fingers) with all voters except those of the hard-core GOP base.


It might be time for the national media to stop being complicit in his game: DTs wants to put his thumb on the scale of his opponent’s nomination by sowing doubt with disparaging comments and counting on the media to spread his words around. I’ve got to suppose that the chyron, ‘President Trash Talked Opponents Again,’ without any follow up or detail, would be sufficient for meeting the requirement of reporting on this executive’s behavior.
Hopefully, it’ll make him as livid as he’s trying to make his targets. It’s about time he got to sit in his own shit.


Emperor Zero twiddles while home burns…


Nor does Trump, really. The idiot savants’s sole talent is ingesting and regurgitating Fox/Limbaugh/Putin talking points.