Discussion: Trump Brags About Classified Syrian Battle At Manhattan Fundraiser

trump will auction off the nuclear code.

All you need to do is threaten Princess Vespa. Or you could just guess the code.

Your box of chocolates and long stem rose is in the mail.


The event reportedly raised $5 million to be used for both Trump’s campaign and the RNC.

O Lord, was P. T. Barnum ever right about the suckers.


I've become so numb to the awful things Trump does, but think about this. He is essentially selling secrets in order to fill his reelection coffers.


Yeah, I'd like to see the attendance list on that one.


"The event reportedly raised $5 million to be used for both Trump’s campaign and the RNC."

In other words, another $5 million for Trump & Co.'s legal fees.


5 mil more for Hopes defense fund...


Trump got 10% of the vote in Manhattan. The folks at the fundraiser are probably among them as well as those from the wealthy suburbs.

Richard Engel covered it recently during one of the Friday nights that Maddow gives over for his special assignments. Sounded pretty wild -- lots of Russian mercenaries involved. They got pretty brazen about engaging with US and other troops and then US more or less unleashed an onslaught on them.


But Pence is worse. Trump is a doddering old fool, while Pence is a True Believer. Not to downplay how truly awful and dangerous Trump is, but Pence is orders of magnitude worse, as he will actively work to establish a theocracy...


That is actually nothing new. What is new is that he is so brazen about it.

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Oh, bee keepers. Never mind.


The event reportedly raised $5 million to be used for both Trump’s campaign and the RNC......

.....and Donald's treason trial costs.

Let's just go with equally bad for different reasons.

Those dots are too far apart for DT to be able to connect them.

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The truthful hyperbole coefficient for this antihumblebrag is about 24, whereas for the count of PR casualties it was about 1/70.

Pence is a conventional evangelical hypocrite. We have long experience with them. Plus he's an especially not-bright one, and devoid of charisma. He's no threat to the Republic. Remember he was about to lose his reelection in Indiana (Indiana!) so he hitched his wagon to the Trump-train. The only danger he presents is that having relevant experience he may bring a measure of competence to carrying out his agenda, but he'll be easy to beat politically.


Nothing is off limits for him, granted mostly due to how fucking stupid he is.

What you folks miss is that when a president resigns in disgrace it's not like the new vice president and their party can set about governing like normal. It's not a mandate, right? They'll barely have the power to name a post office. Trump is fucking insane, do you understand? And for God's sake don't tell me fundies are magical thinkers and it's all the same. I have a very hard time pretending to respect this attitude. Trump is insane and could kill us all in a way that Pence is not. Please stop failing to grasp this.


They both are insane, and why does anyone think that whether or not they have or believe they have a mandate will stop them from shaping the world in their own, theocratic image? Trump has been able to do plenty of bad shit, aided and abetted by the Republican't Party. And all of the bad shit he's done is in keeping with the Republican't Party Standard Issue Agenda. But I believe the evidence suggests that he has been hindered by the Deplorable Factor. Imagine how much more damage Republican'ts can do with Nice Guy Jesus Scout Mike Pence as their simple-minded figurehead! Fuck naming post offices! They will just simply eliminate them by privatizing that shit on Day One! Trump is bad and Pence is worse, but either way we are fucked...

(P.S. "You folks" reads very much like "You people." I know that you are not that way, but others may not know that.)

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Exactly. The entire classification system derives authority from Executive Order.