Discussion: Trump Asked Sessions To Un-Recuse Himself Last March

You can’t help but marvel at a person who is “innocent” and the victim of a “witch hunt” who from the get go spends an inordinate amount of time and effort trying to derail said investigation.
It almost appears he has something to hide!

As depressed as I get sometimes , I really think Mueller has the goods on him and will take down the whole corrupt grifting operation


Can someone ask Trump to un-elect himself?


I found this to be an interesting, petty waste of money…

“… the two now rarely speak outside of meetings and even took separate flights to attend the same event in New Hampshire in March …”

Because, you know, Air Force One is kind of like a 7-seat Cessna Citation. You just can’t help but having to see and talk to everyone on the plane.


Mr. Sessions discovers loyalty is a one way street with Mr. Trump.


Mueller is quietly going about his business, all the while allowing Trump to demonstrate all the different ways a President can attempt to obstruct justice. The report is going to be a beauty.


This story makes me wonder what might have been about to go down in the WH that made it reasonable to leak this information. It should give Sessions some breathing room, at least until Rudy gets back on FOX.


OT some. But, with all the Roseanne tweet news yesterday, I almost overlooked these …

ETA: I guess focusing his energy for 2 hours and 3 minutes on the things he should be doing anyway was about all he had in him.


No, Donny-Boy, that’s not how it works. You don’t suddenly discover that there isn’t a conflict, just because that would be convenient.


There can’t possibly have been an obstruction of justice case since Alfred the Great in which the suspect himself irrepressibly vomited forth such a huge amount of evidence of corrupt intent. He just won’t stop. It’s like normal human emotions: He doesn’t understand ethical behavior well enough to pretend he’s conforming to it.


I think so. I also think Mueller knows he needs leaps and bounds more evidence to get Republicans to be forced to turn on Trump than he would going after anyone else.

I think Mueller is also slow walking some to get closer to (or after) the Midterm elections in order to protect his investigation.

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Yeah, he’s too busy tweeting or watching Fox to testify. It’s going to be a bummer when the POS gets subpoenaed.

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That’s 2 hrs, 3 minutes too long. He can f*ck up a lot of things in that short time.


I think Mueller has enough evidence to send most of the Trump cabal away for life.

Time and time again, Mueller has revealed he has so much more evidence that we, the public, have. And usually has it hand months before we realize it.

I think you are correct regarding his political calculations, though I doubt he drops anything really big ahead of the midterms. Immediately after (Christmas presents!!) is far more likely. Mueller doesn’t want any hint of affecting the election outcomes tainting his investigation.

I suspect the few remaining republicans with a functioning brain have figured that out, too. I expect the republican messaging to turn on a dime come December. For example, Nunes (whose seat is in play) is entirely dependent on Ryan right now…and Ryan is out after the elections. I don’t see either McCarthy or Scalise watching his back, assuming he stays in office.

They will be jettisoning “pro-Trump” people left and right, along with “pro-Trump” rhetoric. Keep an eye on the TN Senate race for a preview. Corker has basically endorsed the Democratic candidate to take his seat, and continues to cast shade at the republican, who, besides being crazy, is definitely a pro Trumper.

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Nice catch!

Trump reportedly argued that former President Barack Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, “would never have recused himself from a case that threatened to tarnish” Obama.

I guess we’ll never know …


…he wanted that same brand of allegiance…

He a self centered mofo.

Gawd, I’m tired of the back and forth crap with these two assholes. I despise them both, but unfortunately I have to hope the racist, bigoted piece of shit AG stays in power long enough to make sure the corrupt, vile, mobbed-up PPOTUS gets his comeuppance.

When I read the headline I could of sworn on a cursory glance it said, Trump Asked Sessions To Un-Rescue Himself Last March , which of course would make no sense but still un-rescuse? Can you do that? I mean, how the hell does that work anyway?