Discussion: Trump Announces He'll Nominate GOP Rep. Tom Price To Head HHS

Dream Team? Or nightmare scenario duo?

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It’s a Right ,Right Right ,Right Right Wing World
and it will only get worse.

Thought Bush and Cheney fucked things up?
You ain’t seen nothin’ folks


Sad to say we’re all going to get what voters like this deserve: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/25/health/florida-affordable-care-act-obamacare-trump.html?_r=0

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These next two years are going to be hell for me and so many other Americans who rely on Medicare and/or who live on Social Security and Social Security Disability Insurance. I have congenital spinal and leg deformities that require a lot of specialized care. Just this year, I underwent two additional surgeries (for a total of 17). I’m also now in my fifties and enjoying all the aches and pains that come along with that. There is no way I would ever find private health insurance that I could afford with whatever “voucher” system they design. There are countless other folks just like me. The Republican Congress want us to commit suicide and be done with it. Anyone who voted for Donald J. Trump and any Republican representative or senator – go fuck yourselves. I hope you get deathly ill this year and go bankrupt. And, yes, I mean that.


I am looking at early retirement so it will be a few years for Medicare and SS for me, but hubby starts in January. I am getting very nervous about retiring in January and ending our revenue stream. This is so insane. Tell every person you know. Once they get Medicare privatized, Social Security is next.


What a dumb bitch. That’s all I am going to say about her.

Insurance companies will be free to sell “junk policies” just like they used to. They’ll be less expensive and Repubs will thump their chests.

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To paraphrase Dan Akroyd…

Dalia you ignorant slut…

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This will make all those Trumpers and Trumpets who love their Medicare very happy, right?

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I spent the last 20 years of my career working directly with doctors, both general practitioners and specialists like Tom Price, an orthopedic surgeon. The animosity of a lot of specialists toward Medicare and Medicaid is because they feel it is holding them down from being even more prosperous than they already are. It is a long and boring story, but most of these guys have completely forgotten that it was Medicare that gave most of them an expectation of being rich in the first place. With the advent of Medicare and guaranteed payment for old people diseases like cataracts, cancer, joint degeneration and replacement, kidney failure,etc., the growth of these specialties and the wealth of these specialties has been a drastic and dynamic change in American medicine since the 60s. These are the same guys whose fathers and grandfathers fought like crazy against “socialized medicine” in the 60s when Medicare was created only to turn around and milk the Medicare tit for all it was worth and become rich in the process. A lot of these guys are angry guys who want to get paid $20,000 for 2 hours work instead of $4000. And despite the fact that they are smart enough to become physicians, they are almost universally stupid at understanding that the number of patients who will be able to afford something like a hip replacement is going to drop so drastically that they will have to get paid $100,000 per procedure to maintain their current level of income (witness Ben Carson for intelligence level). Tom Price is one of these guys. He is a third generation physician and my money says his grandfather and his father all railed against socialized medicine and he believes it is gospel.

Putting this guy in charge of HHS is keeping with the pattern of putting Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III in charge of civil rights. He will destroy Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare and chortle while he is doing it. Like many who are writing these comments, my ability to survive in retirement is totally 100% dependent on Medicare and social security as a safeguard against bankruptcy. We need to be calling our senators and representatives daily and screaming loudly that this will not stand. Trump may be a moron but it is someone truly evil who is making these cabinet selections. Trump doesn’t even know who these people are, but he is getting advice from people who apparently are intent on taking us back to pre FDR America and that sounds a lot like the Koch agenda to me.

I am going on Medicare December 1st and my orthopedic surgeon who was scheduled to operate on my shoulder has already told me he is no longer accepting any Medicare plans. It will be 7 years before my wife (with multiple pre-existing conditions) is eligible for Medicare. So I do have a personal stake in this, but we need to help young healthy people understand what is being taken away from them. They need to understand what Medicare did to lift seniors out of abject poverty and they need to understand that is what will happen again if this is allowed to go forward.


A LOT of these people have no clue, none whatsoever. Remember the Tea Partiers yelling for the government to get their hands off of Medicare when Obamacare was being implemented. They will be told that getting rid of Medicare will free them up to get really good care from the doctor of their choice. By the time they realize they have been had, it will be way too late. And we can count on the media to do nothing but obfuscate the issue, talking about the country going broke over “entitlements”. Fucking millionaire morons, 90% of them.

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Oh, FFS, another freaking deplorable. This guy is on track to become one of America’s Most Hated.

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Multi TRILLION dollar hand out to Wall Street and the Insurance Industry…once its out of the bag it’s going to be tough to stuff it back in…

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The irony is that Medicare has never been an entitlement. It is a fund that every worker pays into and collects after retirement. Now they are going to lose that- brilliant!

Bingo! Follow the money! I have seem same with a number of Docs. “Government gets between Doc and Patient” in terms of money - and actually in a positive way which they have forgotten as you point out so well. Also, it keeps the charlatans from cheating folks on unproven therapies, useless procedures, etc. Standards of Care are anathema for the person who wants to make $$$.

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