Discussion: Trump And McConnell Put Aside Differences, Forge Bond For Midterms

There’s a remarkable consensus among the on-the-record and on-background sources here. They’re all saying what they wish you’d think about the sweet harmony and common sense of purpose in Republican ranks. Everything is ju-ust fi-ine. Note to AP reporter: JFC they have staff to put this kind of crap out there. You’re being punked. :angry:


Crawdad’s in a barrel…Do not believe it for a moment…Dotard is scared shtzless and mcTurdle is as wicked as dotard is…they kill each other trying to get out… which might not be a bad thing !!!

You do not make a deal with the devil…


Two people with no morals whatsoever. It’s all situational for both of them.


And phone conference with Putin to make sure they have his approval and support for … everything.


There’s no honor between demons?

More specifically, it’s all transactional for both of them.


Trump grabbed McConnell by his pu**y and now everything is hunky- dory.

No rest for the wicked, eh?

And then he has to find time to talk to Hannity, watch Fox and Friends, watch highlights of his rallies, and tweet. Where does he find the time? He’s indefatigable. You know Clinton could never have kept up that pace, even with a golf cart.
And when did McConnell do anything but kiss up? He may have not delivered from the Senate, but that is only because he didn’t have total support from members from competitive states.


Some people tend to think of Trump as being an aberration, a one off, but you are wrong if you do. He is just the evil entertainer the Republican donors have installed in the White House. Those donors also own the Republican congress, especially Mitch McConnell. Don’t forget McConnell’s wife works in the Trump administration. This fall the American people need to bring down all of the Republicans who are running. Then we need to focus on the Merciers, Adelsons, Kochs and the rest who think they can buy America. We can’t stop with the puppets. We have to go after the puppet masters.


Others may feel differently, but IMO this total lack of morality or principle is a large part of what makes many people turn completely away from paying attention to politics, and also leads directly to the voter apathy and disdain which declares, “They are all corrupt anyway, why bother voting?”

I disagree with that conclusion, but I completely understand the attitude. Unfortunately, power is its own end for many people who are attracted to politics, along with the opportunity to personally profit, of course. Only when the despicable characters like McConnell and Trump are rejected and punished for their amorality, will there ever be a chance to have the political landscape reflect the ideals and values that many of us still push towards. I sometimes feel hopelessly naive in retaining that hope, but the alternative is just too awful to accept.


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Nope. This is BS.

Differences? How much different can 2 assholes be?

I don’t know how, but citizens united must be reversed. fat chance given the supreme court for the next 15 years

Classic AP here. Is Ron Fournier ghostwriting this shit?

“Differences.” Pffft.

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Lick lick burp.
mcconnell is the silent killer of America while trump is, well you know.