Discussion: Trump Ally, Son Share Meme Featuring Symbol Of White Nationalist Alt-Right

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“Apparently I made the cut as one of the Deplorables,” Trump Jr. wrote on Instagram in a caption accompanying the meme, saying he was “honored” to be grouped among Trump’s supporters.

Funny, I don’t think she mentioned any names…

But enjoy your fame, ‘Junior’.

Hopefully you won’t share the same fate of someone like Augustin Robespierre.


Was it Uday or Qusay Drumpf? I always get them mixed up when they have their white hoods on.

Cute how they take after dear old dad, though.


Forgive me, but tRuMp JUniOr thinks this is a good thing? Wow. I guess I don’t get it. The only meme I see is that dumb frog.

What’s obvious is the apple doesn’t fall from the tree. No. Actually, the apple never fell out of the tree. He’s still hung up in daddy’s tree limbs, rotting on the branch.


So Trump Jr and surrogates admit they are deplorable, so why the r/w outrage and the apology demand?


Because facts make their heads hurt.


One of my favorite lines in all of fiction comes from the book Dune. A large dinner is held where the young Paul Atreides discusses the moral bankruptcy of how the wealthy control water as a weapon on the desert planet and one of the water sellers stands up to object and challenge him.
Paul’s mother, Jessica, looks at him and replies, “My son displays a general garment and you claim it is cut to your fit, how interesting.”

In more pedantic language…if the shoe fits…and thanks for proving her point.


So in the Alt-White world it’s better to be an amphibian than a reptilian? So discrimination is not just for the humans but for all classes of life.


Buy it in every color, is my advice.


They ARE deplorable. Except for the frog.

What a scurvy looking bunch.

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Their Photoshop skills clearly reflect their inner-ugliness.


It seems to me this tweet is a natural continuation of the Trump campaign’s minority outreach efforts.


The controversial part of Clinton’s speech - the basket of deplorables - is the part getting the attention. Very few people are talking about her outreach to the other basket of Trump’s supporters - the people who need understanding and empathy.

That said, Trump supporters, you’re lying down with a dog. Don’t be so surprised if you get up with some fleas.


that’s the genius of Trump’s entire campaign, he forcibly lowered the bar to where he doesn’t have to be logically consistent, truthful, or fucking decent


Which is easy, because many of his “under-educated” supporters are so easily dis… Oh, look! Squirrel!!


The Deplorables. Sigh. She should have called them a “Basket of Bigots”. Let’s see them make a meme out of that.


Apparently smart ain’t a family trait.


Nailed it. All those people are deplorable


Racist! By buying the shoe in every color, you’re giving special privileges to all the non-white shoes! Libtard!

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During a brief pause in Hillary’s alt-right speech last month, someone in the audience yelled “Pepe!” loudly and clearly. The shout was well timed. The comment section in the youtube version I watched was owned by alt-right commenters who’d come to cheer for the shout-out. I asked a few questions of them and also listened to their banter.

General impression was one of extreme immaturity. Mostly young, male adults, but with an emotional age of about 14 – awkwardly per-pubescent in behavior. The vast majority were into violent video games and Pepe was a sort of power-figure associated with that violence. More generally, Pepe is called The God of Memes, and much of the chatter was a Lord of the Flies delight in how they were going to unleash a “brutal” war of memes to utterly destroy The Enemy Clinton. I wasn’t clear just what all was included in the concept of “memes”, so I visited several reddit pages where Pepe was a featured topic. The dominant concept is the Internet meme of a picture with lol-cat captioning. But it seems to be a broader concept of conspiracy theories and whisper campaigns in general.

What I noticed as well – and this goes along with the extreme immaturity – was a general rejection of the world of facts and of reality. As in a video game, there’s a sort of alternate reality that’s more real to this group than is actual reality. I have much experience with the Born Again movement through having personally known its founders (they were my neighbors). The alternate-reality embrace of the Pepe worshipers is similar to this sort of extremist religious embrace of an alternate reality, with the difference that Pepe worshipers don’t so much deny reality as reject it. In other words, embrace of alternate reality is an act of will rather than a belief. They apparently have no cognitive dissonance in embracing the conspiracy theories they themselves created because that denial of reality is part of their creed. And they will ferociously defend that alternate reality against anyone who questions it with every bit as much devotion as a fervently religious person defends his religious beliefs – despite the Pepe worshipper knowing that this is a fabricated reality.

Edit to add: Note the video-game look of the “people” in this image.