Discussion: Trump Aide Threatens To Sue WaPo For Reporting Ties To Super PAC

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So what? Fuck him and his lawsuit threats.


I wonder if Pres. Trump will threaten to sue Kim Jong-Un if he rattles his saber too much?
Or Majority Leader Reid if he doesn’t move fast enough on Trump’s appointment of Carl Icahn to the Fed Chairmanship??
Or Chief Justice Roberts for telling him, “no, even if you tell the governor of California, ‘you’re fired,’ on tevee, it does not make it so.”.


WizBang Solutions.

They’re yuuuuuuuuuge!



Yeah, not happening:

New York Times v. Sullivan

The Court held that the First Amendment protects the publication of all statements, even false ones, about the conduct of public officials except when statements are made with actual malice (with knowledge that they are false or in reckless disregard of their truth or falsity). Under this new standard, Sullivan’s case collapsed.


The billionaire frequently attacks his presidential rivals as being beholden to their wealthy benefactors while reminding voters that his massive personal wealth makes him independent of special interests.

Trump is also beholden to his main donor and special interest…and they are both the same and a moron…they are himself!


Tump has Super-pacs, but they’re not ‘sanctioned’ by him.
Isn’t that the whole point of super-pacs, that there can’t be any coordination? So what does it matter if he sanctions it or not. What does it matter if he approves of it or not?


Trump Aide Threatens To Sue WaPo For Reporting Ties To Super PAC

Lewandowski initially denied to The Post that he knew Ciletti. The campaign manager later admitted that he knew of Ciletti after the newspaper asked him about payments the Trump campaign made to Ciletti’s printing and marketing shop, WizBang Solutions.

Later that afternoon Lewandowski slipped and fell in the pickle aisle at Walmart.

The Donald’s counsel might believe Sullivan’s right for a re-visit, and that any “reasonable” court would come to see things his way. Over the last generation, government oversight laws in the states have been turned into Swiss cheese, and press freedoms vigorously trimmed (in many states, high school sports is no longer featured because the state accreditation associations have sold exclusive coverage rights to commercial businesses, and anti-papparazi laws have chilled many legitimate news stories).

Also, the Donald is only a candidate for office, not an office holder.

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That’s the Donnie -------creatin’ jobs …of the hand, blow, snow, lawyer varieties.

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Yes, The “Nudge, nudge. Wink wink. Say no more” lack of coordination.


As president this nitwit will be suing everyone for ever imagined slight.

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I guess the solution is for Trump to refuse any of the money the superPac brings in, and publicly announce that he doesn’t accept or agree with any commercials they might run. Besides, I would have thought that a super savvy Wharton grad like Trump would have had the phrase ‘Make America Great Again’ copyrighted so nobody could use it, even a superPac that is raising money on his behalf. Or at least some of the greatest people who work for him should have known to do that.

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The same principle of Constitutional Law applies to public figures, of which Trump is certainly one. I think pretty much any Con Law scholar would tell you that, even with the current conservative members of the Supreme Court, the Sullivan principle isn’t likely to be overturned.

Trump’s got Republican bona fides for sure. He’s a phony AND a hypocrite. Trump for general election 2016!

So, that is what and Trump and cohorts do when people expose them. No surprise.

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The higher a monkey climbs … the more you see of his rump.


Trump foreign policy - Middle East countries won’t do what I say? Sue 'em. Ditto Russia, same with North Korea and China. Abolish EPA - climate change? Sue Mother Nature. Abolish Department of Education - kids don’t learn? Sue the little bastards.

trump specialties: law suits and bankruptcies. very presidential.