Discussion: Trump Aide Reassures RNC In Closed-Door Meeting: He’s ‘Projecting An Image’

Hmmm…I think he has two modes. Bombastic asshole and smug nouveau riche.
It will be interesting to see if he has a third personality in his bag of tricks.


Whoever wins the Democratic Nomination needs to beat him to death during the election with his outrageous statements, such as using Nukes in Europe. Don’t let him fool the rubes.


Will the real Donald Trump please stand up?


Trump’s an authentic asshole with a thin resume, sense of entitlement and very poor impulse control. He has no policies that go beyond remedial talking points but the bigotry and misogyny are genuine.

What more does anyone need to know?


Oh, “we’re gonna love him once we get to know him” is what they’re trying to sell here ?


“It’s easier for me to be presidential than for me to be doing what I’ve been doing for the last, really, nine months,” he said. “But at the right time, I will be so presidential, you will be so bored. You will say, can’t he have a little bit more energy?”

Oh, when he says it that way, he sounds so presidential. So is tRump a lair, mentally ill or some combination of the two? Sorry people have read is books and he IS NOT ready to be president of a Home Owners Association let alone POTUS.


Remember Morton Downey Jr. - this is your Trump blueprint - a quasi-absurd over the top purveyor of the most vile inner thoughts - pandering to the dark side of a segment of the population - a cynical calculated strategy



Ah the famous and hard to pull off double con. first you con your supporters to vote for you. Then you try and con your non-supporters to vote for you. The attack ads write themselves.


Trump Aide Reassures RNC In Closed-Door Meeting: He’s ‘Projecting An Image’

"Fuggedaboudit. I been courting the stupid vote.
And it’s been yooooge! Amirite?!"

"So next? I’ll go after the not-stupids. By being not-stupid.
And it will be classssssy. Very, very classy."

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the frontrunner for the ® nomination for POTUS.
Proving Idiocracy was a predictive historical-fiction accounting that would have made Nostradamus proud.




So Romney will loan Trump his Etch-A-Sketch now?


I think Trump has clearly demonstrated the real guy several times. He is not a good enough liar to cover for his fundamental insecurity when somebody hits a nerve.


Oh this should go over well … cause the cult that Trump has cultivated will be so understanding & forgiving of having been played… as the unwashed rubes that Trump believes them to be.


Guessing there will be a triple con, at the least. We must expect that his supporters will soon be told that this pivot to being presidential is just to hoodwink the ‘establishment’, so wink-wink do not worry, the bluster is the REAL Trump. And we spin on…


Some of us older folks remember when there was talk, started by the Nixon people, of a “New Nixon.” We also remember how much the new Nixon really pretty much was the same, in the end, as the old Nixon. Donald Trump is, was, and always will be an obnoxious, loutish, angry, ignorant, judgment-lacking failure vulgarian and a textbook example of narcissistic personality disorder. He’s nuts. If he’s got a whole different self under wraps and ready to go, he’s been doing a damn good job of hiding it for seven decades.


He had better remove his Twitter account.


well put… thank you :grinning:

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All that Trump is…is an image. There’s no substance. If there is actual “substance” in this man then I’ll be the most surprised person in America.

Then you try and con your non-supporters to vote for you.

Scott Walker and Rick Snyder would never have been elected governor without hundreds of thousands of erstwhile Democrats either sitting on their asses at home, or voting for them outright. Of course, what both those numbskulls had in their favor was an overwhelmingly lazy, degenerate, and above all eagerly compliant MSM that uncritically parroted their statements, policy positions, and marketing hype.

Which means you can bet that if Donald is smart enough to start whispering sweet nothings into Chuck Todd’s ear and flattering Georgie Poofanopolous to his face, those stenographers will melt into his arms.


Here you go, folks, the modern American GOP party–“Don’t worry about this guy. He’s a total phony. Don’t believe a word he’s saying. So, are you reassured now?”