Discussion: Trump Aide: No Military Solution In North Korea

Under the impression that Kim had bowed down to Trumpolini and they had kissed and made up .

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The recent information that Kim Jong Un’s tech has been flowing from Russia makes me wonder whether that impression is Putin’s doing.

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n fact, Moscow is not very worried about North Korean missiles, though it would prefer to see a denuclearized Korean Peninsula. Russia believes the only solution to the Korean dispute is negotiations with Pyongyang that result in security guarantees for the Kim Jong Un regime. Moscow supports placing limitations on the North’s nuclear program but is wary of sanctions and resolutely opposed to regime change. That puts it at odds with the United States — and acts as a fundamental roadblock to international efforts.

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So what if we just tell Moscow that that if Kim Jong UN attacks anyone at all and equivalent attack will be made on Russia. Make him their problem.

KJU is too cray-cray for me to want to deal with him at all.