Discussion: Trump Adviser: 'There Will Be No Details' In Foreign Policy Speech

“Looking for substantive details on just how Republican frontrunner
Donald Trump would get Mexico to pay for that wall? You don’t find them
in Trump’s Wednesday policy speech, a top adviser told the Associated Press.”

Here it is folks:


There Will Be No Details’ In Trump’s _______ Policy Speech


We knew that already…

It’s going to be fabulously, hugely, beautifully free of details!!


broadly outline


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“There will be no details in this speech.”…nor any other that Trump ‘cares’ to give. He will tell you the ‘disgusting’ habits of Megyn Kelly, John Kasich and Hillary Clinton in DETAIL but he will not tell you anything about foreign policy because…he’s Donald Trump and you’re not. Period. Oops! There’s that WORD…

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“The highly anticipated speech is viewed as a testing ground for a more presidential Trump to break away from his bombastic persona.”

Because its going to be from a teleprompter. Trump is going to READ, and that somehow makes him seem more presidential. And what he is reading will be substance free, but hey…he is gonna show the world that he can read!

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If Trump relies on a teleprompter for his speech, Palin is going to have a field day going to town on him!

Oh, wait…


“There will no details” in this speech, “only really big and wonderful adjectives!”

While the candidate is expected to broadly outline his foreign policy views, Walid Phares, one of Trump’s foreign policy advisers, said: "There will be no details in this speech."

“Oh joy, a hour’s worth of ad-libbing.”

“‘There Will Be No Details’ In Foreign Policy Speech”

‘There Will Be No Details’ In Trump’s Policies