Discussion: Trump Admits Carson Might Have Found A Way To Shut Him Up (VIDEO)

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Maybe if EVERYBODY stopped talking about Trump altogether he would just STFU!


Barbara Bush summed it up for me when she said in another context it wasn’t relevant and she wasn’t going to waste her beautiful mind on something like that. Ditto.


Agreed! There just HAS to be some sort of, I don’t know, media detente, to get this cretinous boil off the airwaves, if only for a short while.

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He took back his comment against me so apparently he’s a great brain surgeon., That’s how you tell if a Dr. is good by the way, if they don’t talk bad about me or apologize when they do…

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pre-teen age girls have fights like this.


Trump is an obnoxious bully. He fights that inference by saying he doesn’t hit first, he only counterpunches. Doesn’t keep him from being a bully.


I can’t tell if he’s a real pompous ass or if he just plays one because he knows it’s the way to get the Republican nomination…hummmm…hard to tell…I’m kind of thinking it’s both…


As do pre-teen aged boys.

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Everything, and I mean everything, is about Donald Trump. sigh…

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Who said anything about shutting you up? Once again, the main thing here is not to lead the country or even the party, but to annoy fantasy progressives. As long as they think my head is exploding because of the stupid thing of the day, mission accomplished. Actually this stuff is delicious and sublime. It’s not necessary to have right wing nut jobs on this board to abuse anymore. It’s so mainstream now, it’s delivered hot and fresh every morning.


Who cares?

Because he is quite satisfied in watching Carson, in his own special form of insanity, try and pursue him off the crazy ledge. Carson is making himself more toxic on a daily basis right now, Trump doesn’t even have to wade in.


yeah when you think dusty spider webs with dead bugs in them are beautiful

I used to be intrigued by that question, but it doesn’t take that long to see through his schtick and now I’m just getting bored. He’s become predictable as a boor and narcissist. Of course, to many Americans, those are positive traits.


In 2007, Huckabee captured the ‘religious’ voters - social conservatives (20% of primary voters).

In 2011, it was Rick Santorum, a Catholic, who captured those Evangelicals (20% of primary voters).

Now, in 2015, it’s Ben Carson (with about 20% of polled voters).

This guys is willing to double-down on his beliefs that denigrate Muslims (i.e., not compatible to the presidency), and Jews (i.e., guns would have saved them from the Nazis, and pander to the gun-huggers (i.e., someone would be a martyr if everyone attacked a crazed mass murdering gunman).

However, unlike those other primaries, this season does not have any ‘establishment’ candidate as the front runner for republicans.

I’m still betting on a ‘brokered’ convention for republicans.

“He was smart not to get me angry at him,” said every bully I’ve ever known.


At this point, do you think that the republican establishment realizes that they have lost the presidency again? (barring from some stupidity on the democratic side - I don’t see how they can win…)

This buffoon has basically made it so.

Now, how to save Congress…?

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The GOP has a huuuuddggge problem here. Trump taps into its racist base and Carson rules its evangelical base.

More po*pcorn, please…

My vote, too. Trump can shut up, because Carson is more awesome than Trump is at making Carson look bad.