Discussion: Trump Admin Says It Will Only Return 1/3 Of Migrant Children By Today's Deadline

Senior ICE official Matthew Albence . . . told reporters that the burden should be on those parents to locate the children that were taken from them and apply for reunification.

“A parent who has been released has the ability to go to HHS and request to sponsor their child,” he said. “If they choose not to do that it would call into question whether that child is theirs in the first place.”

You bastard. That little paragraph should be enough to have you jailed for contempt.


Until the judges have a way to enforce this, in what way will their failure to meet these demands actually hurt them?


Trump officials responsible for this gigantic clusterfuck need to be jailed.


I guess we’re talking Guantanamo 2.0, children’s edition.


Hmm, I could swear that the acronym ICE stands for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which means that your entire job is to enforce immigration law. That means you are paid to “sit there and track” anyone in the nation who is involved in immigration proceedings, especially the ones you are running.

Honestly, how can these people be so crass and cruel? This asshole literally just said his job is not his job…I guess the Trump administration and Republicans really do want to prove that government is incompetent.


They better be jailed or held to account soon. I’m not a “burn it all down” person but, I swear, I’m very close to taking to the streets on this issue. I wake up at night imagining parents ill with worry about their children, I imagine older kids bearing guilt for not being able to protect their younger siblings from separation, I imagine some children wondering why their parents aren’t coming to get them as promised, and I don’t want to be associated with a country that allows this to happen. Where are the large-scale protests by religious leaders? What aren’t we trying to shut down congress until this is remedied? Why aren’t ICE officials being hauled away right now?


Translation: Fuck you, judge. We’ll return the children when we’re damn well ready, maybe never.


I’m spending one of my limited “Fuck” yeahs on this. Like button is not powerful enough for this comment.


And you get damn skippy. Come on Albence do your job has the judge has demanded or get outta the way for someone who will.


So government accountability committee members this one goes to you. I think Albence’s statement warrants a two audits, money and guns.


Once again, U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw did not grant the Trump
administration’s request for a deadline extension, but neither did he
hold the government in contempt. Rather, he said he hopes the
reunification process put in motion by his national injunction
continues, and demanded regular updates from the administration going

Though he sternly reminded the administration that “these
are firm deadlines, not aspirational goals,” he said he was optimistic
because “everyone is rowing in the same direction here.”


This judge is not at all impressive here. Not. At. All

These bastards need to be held immediately and fiercely accountable.


On a call with reporters just before the hearing, senior ICE official Matthew Albence, the head of the agency’s Enforcement and Removal Operations, told reporters that the burden should be on those parents to locate the children that were taken from them and apply for reunification.

Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that the FSM is just: that his justice cannot sleep for ever.


Citing the “very large number of illegal aliens here in the country,” he said that his agency should not be expected to “sit there and track” those released pending their immigration proceedings.

This Mr. Albence is a very special Head of Enforcement, indeed, with two degrees in Law Enforcement no less.


Soulless, intentionally cruel, bigoted and evil best describes the Trump cadre. They just don’t care about these babies and children.

I forgot to add they’re also monsters.


Don’t wait. Take to the goddamned streets.




First it was, No problem, we can do this easy, then it was well some people have been sent home without their kids so we won’t be able to do that, and then it was we can get half of them reunited, now they are saying we will get about a third, (haven’t seen the final count but would not be surprised if it was 15 kids). When the court order was first reported I asked what happens if they don’t do it, say it can’t be done. Folks said it would be a constitutional crisis, (maybe it is) But after Jackson pointed out the courts have no way to force the executive to do something it is not surprising that Trump has followed his model of not caring.


Time to declare the SecretRY OF HHS, Homeland Securite, Director of ICE and many others in contempt. Jail them.


The administration should be fined every day they don’t comply $1,000,000. I don’t care if it is taxpayer dollars; but, I am sure the Repugs will care.


This is a great idea, too!