Discussion: Trump Admin Ending UN Aid To Palestinian Refugees

This won’t get the coverage it deserves, but when I heard about this last night I was crestfallen. Exhibit A - the real life consequences of Trump’s mean spirited polices translating to actual suffering by innocents. That will be his legacy.


Trump doesn’t think there are enough Muslim terrorists, and hopes to create some more, so that he can point and say, “See, Only I can save you from the evil hordes!”


Palestinians are a stateless people, trapped in diminishing territories being snatched away from them, with little means of sustenance. This money helps feed many of these people, even growing children, with rice and scarce else. Ending these funds is cruelty; I dare say “genocidal.”


This kind of shit pisses off everybody.


I do not care about the politics of this situation, Trump does this because he can and because he is a Prick.


No shit. In no small part because, as anyone who knows anything about Islam can tell you, the moment they become terrorists, they cease being Muslims.

“Jihad” (aka Holy War) is a much maligned and deeply misunderstood concept, and is absolutely not synonymous with Terrorism. Let me repeat that: Islam (including Jihad) is not synonymous with Terrorism.

Those who wrap themselves in the ‘flag’ of Islam while committing acts of terror, are no different than those who wrap themselves in ‘flags’ of Nationalism and Religion while committing heinous acts, right here at home… they are neither people of God or actual Patriots…


And after all, in Trump’s mind, “They’re just brown people . . . . no great loss.”

Yes, he really is a prick.

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“it all boils down to something” my Grandmother used to say. So what gives with this. There’s obviously more Pro Israeli votes to hustle in the USA than Pro Palestinian. That what it always boils down to with Trump. What’s in it for him.