Discussion: Trump Admin Closing Int'l Immigration Offices, Could Harm Military Abroad

But, it’s a way to show that the U.S. is against any kind of immigration … so that’s a great thing, right?


Trump will continue to harm the military until they swear allegiance to him like the military has to Maduro.

The next logical step after discouraging brown and black people from coming here is to set in motion mechanisms designed to entice or force those already here to leave.

Heaven for Stephen Miller is everything in a few shades of white.

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So where can the US pick up a country or two for the browns and the blacks? Would buying a country cost more or less than a Wall?

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Trump is an isolationist and a racist… in addition to being INCOMPETENT.

Thanks a lot folks who didn’t bother to vote.


So then my family has a problem. My son married a lady of Hispanic origin. Everyone in the family is a citizen. If my grandson and his mom are hassled by trump or his minions, then I go to war.

Don’t make me angry donnie, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

So long as these offices are specifically provided for and funded in the appropriations law, I don’t think the Administration can shut them down. Even a reorganization would require Congressional approval, I think, especially since the change would affect two different appropriations accounts.

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On his side Trump has 63,000,000 voters, the Senate, the military, the head of every Cabinet department, the leading news media outlet by viewership, SCOTUS, most of the Federal and inferior courts, the majority of state legislatures and Governors, the heads of most regulatory agencies, an Electoral College advantage due to rampant gerrymandering and ballot suppression, the Russians, a shitload of money and woefully inadequate campaign and election rules and laws.

You have…well…Nancy Pelosi. That’s about it.

Good luck with your war.

I have faced long odds my whole life. If i let a piss ant like trump stop me then I have truly lost.

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WTF? I smell another lawsuit. This asshole is continuing to make this country unrecognizable to most of us. Fuck him.

Actually, it’s thanks a lot to all the deplorables and otherwise politically and socially disengaged people who rarely vote but hate Hillary Clinton because her husband got a blow job in the Oval Office.

But most important, thanks a lot Founding Fathers for creating the utterly worthless and undemocratic Electoral College.

Closing Int’l Immigration Offices, Could Harm Military Abroad

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