Discussion: Trump Admin Clashes With Indian Tribes And Congress Over Medicaid Work Rules

Spanky lives for litigation. It’s an elixir for him.

This is no argument to make when trying to dissuade him from a course of action.



So, as I understand it, under this interpretation of the law, all native-american-run casinos will also have to be shut down…

Dotard was pissed when he learned he couldn’t threaten Native Americans with deportation.


Alrighty now. You (HHS/Trump) pay back all the Native American Nations for all you stole from them and then you can exempt them. While you’re at it, pay back all the Social Security funds you ripped off and then we can chat. You are not going to ratfk yet ANOTHER group to grift money out of the taxpayers for your ‘buddies’. Not happening.

Yep, Repubs really don’t know who is on Medicaid and why.

Once again, the Trumpp admin needs someone to do some humansplaining to them.

The root of this may well be the President’s understanding of governance, which is that “I’m the boss.” Like a naive 7-year-old, he and those he attracts to public service simplisticaly view the “rule of law” as “the boss makes the laws and everyone else should shut up.” In reality, we have a dense and complex web of constitution, legislation and regulatory law that is independent of any single authority, but exists and changes through constant planning, justification and negotiation in which legislatures and courts have a major role. You may, as many libertarians do, decry the legal fabric of the administrative state, but to be ignorant of it is a recipe for constant train-wrecks, just as we have seen.