Discussion: Trump Admin Accused Of Violating Multiple Court Orders On Immigration

All government employees that carry out these illegal orders from the administration should be held in contempt of court. These people are not working for the citizens of this country. They have all sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution and are not doing so.

Thanks for continuing to report on these issues. I’m worried the whole thing is being eclipsed by TrumpRussia craziness. It’s a longterm problem and the press needs to continue to report the horrific details.


Oh Donnie Boy if you think you’ve had trouble with law suits in the past then you are sadly mistaken. When you directed your agencies to commit child abuse, then get directed to stop committing child abuse, and ignore the courts you’ve opened yourself up to more trouble that you of could imagined. There is not enough people in your base to protect you from what you have wrought.

The Trump administration has been given far more rope that they deserve.

It is past time that the courts shifted the balance of fair and reasonable (not to mention lawful) treatment (as distinguished from promises) in favor of the immigrants rather than the government.

A righteous anger is building the country, and, I suspect, in the judiciary. It does not bode well for the administration if they aggravate the situation further.

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While we slept, the Border Patrol and ICE became magnets for the worst kind of right wing extremists, bigots and sadists. Which, when you think about it, of course they did because who else would really have a zeal for that work? And then, once they achieved a certain level of infiltration, why would someone who just wants a law enforcement job apply when there are so many other agencies around to join?

We clearly have to have some kind of border and customs enforcement agency. But I don’t see how this gets fixed merely by changing the leadership.

And, making things more scary, now that we have an agency with guns where the worst MAGAts are concentrated, the Trump regime decides to start giving them paramilitary assault training and planning on special courts to yang people of citizenship and talking about giving ICE the power to detain and deport without a hearing.

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This was inevitable. The process of grooming people to participate in or acquiesce to an atrocity entails the continuous rollout of stepwise escalations of atrociousness. Even as a new step provokes outrage and disgust, that very outrage has the effect of implicitly normalizing the prior level of atrociousness. And any retreat from the latest step is feigned and temporary. It is always reintroduced, usually fairly swiftly, always either under a different pretext or in greater secrecy. And invariably under cover of the of the outrage and disgust provoked by yet another stepwise escalation of the level of atrociousness that has the effect of normalizing the last outrage.

This is how they groom their followers for direct complicity. It’s how they emotionally exhaust the rest of us, instill a sense of despair and futility and, eventually, fear that leads to complicity by acquiescence and willful blindness. And it’s how they steel themselves to the commission of the still greater atrocities to come, the goals sensed, even privately contemplated, but never admitted, even among themselves until they become the next escalation.

Each step is ad hoc and improvised, but the escalation is planned.


Let the games begin.

Who knew it would be so hard to reunite the families this administration violently and wrongfully separated, especially those where a portion of the family has already left the country? Who knew?

That’s one way to get rid of ICE.

In fact, why not sequester them in the same cages they’ve put the children they kidnapped while this plays out? And without pay.

Should only take a year or two.

Reason #897 on the list for why Trump should have been impeached 12 months ago. Happy Thursday!

“John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it!”