Discussion: Trump Ad Claims Cruz Is The 'Worst Kind Of Washington Insider'

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Is it possible for even Trump and Cruz supporters to take this Pussy/Insider neener neener festival seriously? Feels like they are devaluing the whole political slam genre.

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Last four words unnecessary.


Dunno, I think you should be careful with that who-did-this-who-did-that construction. People of a certain age will start thinking “Who’s the black private dick that’s a sex machine with all the chicks? Who is the man that would risk his neck for his brother man?” And the wah-wah funk guitar track starts up in their minds and pretty soon they’re lost in a blaxploitation reverie and they’ve forgotten whatever it was you were talking about. Donald, seriously, why don’t you think?


I swear I can’t look at that man’s picture without thinking of the perennial huckster from Green Acres, Mr. Haney:


I always thought he favored another TV character


Absolutely to a T. Even out of costume there was an unholy, flesh-creeping wrongness about Al Lewis’s skin color and face generally. I wonder if he knew Cruz’s mom 44 years ago?

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump debuted a new TV ad Monday that painted rival Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) as the “worst kind of Washington insider” …

It’s true, Cruz is the worst kind of Washington insider - the Conservative Republican kind.


Totally unrelated, but I kept wanting Isaac Hayes to re-record the theme to Shaft in his South Park days, calling it “Chef.” Then Miscavige made him quit the show and he died. :frowning:

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That would be the best thing to have ever happened to Calgary Ted. Al Lewis was a staunch lefty.

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Life is full of little ironies like that. : )

CBS just called New Hampshire. Trump, Sanders winners

the ad could have just stopped at ‘the worst’…

Chickens are roosting.

Well, I always thought that Ted Cruz was such a nice young man. But now Mr. Trump’s ad has me thinking–well, sorry, those were too strong a words. Us Trumpets don’t really like thinking and we’ve never actually had a thought and we certainly don’t like those pointy headed professors who do. Nonetheless, Mr. Trump said it and I endorse it: Cruz is a Pussy.

Ted being a 1st term senator and generally hated by all and sundry in Congress makes him a not so much Washington insider.

I’ll settle for some chicken soup.

"I can’t possibly be a Washington Insider, everybody hates me!"

Not sure that is going to work too well as a campaign slogan.

This is The Big or the Well Planned it’s going to G.et V.ery U.gly N.ow moment.