Discussion: Trump Accuser Recounts Being Groped, Kissed On Airplane (VIDEO)

I don’t know why she’d subject herself to all the abuse that she’s going to receive, other than to save the country from a serial sex abuser becoming President.


Let’s not get too far out in front of this story. Mike Pence says Donald Trump says he has evidence that will prove it isn’t true that he will reveal in an appropriate way at an appropriate time. Of course, Trump also had evidence that would prove that Obama wan’t born in the US that he was going to release but he just never got around to it. Presumably he still has it but it’s just past its use-by date.

Let’s just wait for Trump to sue her and the New York Times and see what comes out in discovery and in Trump’s sworn deposition.

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“In 1979, she would have been 37. Way past my cut-off date.”

If I recall my dates correctly, Trump was on a very tight (for him) allowance in the late 70’s. He may not have had hooker money.

Ten to one it’s a picture of some random airline armrest.

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He’s filed 3500 lawsuits over three decades, and he does it to reinforce the notion that he’s powerful and to keep his brand out front.

I’m sure you’ll see it when he releases his tax returns…his medical records…etc. etc.

Evidently, NOW it is OK to grope women if you’re big and powerful AND you think no one is watching. Nice.

Very good interview. I watched it yesterday. She’s completely credible imho. I feel for her making that difficult decision to come out into the limelight to tell her story. Its gotta be so hard for someone that never wanted this kind of attention in the first place. Brave woman.


15 minutes???

Wow, recount and recant look way to similar. I first saw the headline and got pissed thinking she recanted her story. Glad that’s not the case.

Hmmm. I find it interesting that she was just selected randomly to take that empty seat.

So… Trump sits in first class next to an empty seat (which he perhaps purchased as well? Who knows.) He boards early, of course, and scopes out the women filing by on their way back to lowly coach. He then sends a flight attendant back to get the the lucky serf he’s chosen to sit in the empty seat for his personal in-flight entertainment.

I wonder how many times he pulled that little trick.