Discussion: Treasury Officials Didn't See Trump's North Korea Sanctions Reversal Coming

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†Я☭mp ‘s massive need for “a win” to validate his view of himself, combined with his malignant narcissism has become a greater and greater danger as he just wings it.

What happened is clear for all to see: Trump did not listen (because his narcissism does not let him) to experts about how to deal with North Korea, and thought he alone could fix it (again his narcissism talking) and when it all blew up in his face, he is desperately trying to avoid being seen as the looser he is.

Yet, as Trump endangers our national security with his idiocy, the party which claims to want to “keep American strong” is willing to stand by as Trump sells out the United State’s national interest in a crazy (and unsuccessful) effort to self-validate how great he is. History will not be kind to the Lindsey Grahams of the GOP, who willingly stood by as Trump undermined America.

Were I Japan (and South Korea, if they get a conservative government) I would be building the bomb PDQ….Ditto Taiwan. That is where this is all going.

And P.s. no world leader, let alone the Chinese will take Trump seriously after this. Trump is weak, weak, weak, and can be rolled.


Mitch McConnell is the most dangerous man in the United States. He can get his caucus to convict this man. Nancy would impeach, Pence would be acting President. The trial would commence, The Senate votes.


ETA FOX is going to have to change it’s roll. Maybe the new management can help.


Will he also announce the disollution of Space Force, now that its mission is complete? Also , the military parade is back on.


I have said it before and I will say it again - I knew Trump was going to be a terrible president, but I guess I lacked the imagination to grasp how really awful he could be. I thought he would be George W with extra buffoonery and ego, but instead he turns out to be a combination tinpot dictator and a used car salesman with a zeal for spite and revenge that makes real assholes green with envy.


A shrewd negotiating tactic by the greatest deal-maker in history.

Kneel in awe, you mortals. And avert your eyes. But, admire the art … of the deal. ETA: Make that Deal or No Deal (Howie Mandel suggested I do that)

And, by the way, No Collusion.


When he was elected, I actually felt that he would be WORSE. The reason being that I correctly judged his character but I initially underestimated how lazy and stupid he is.

But he is profoundly evil and corrupt.


Did Vlad tell him to do this? Or did it come from Chairman Xi?


A new love letter from Kim, perhaps?


Indeed lack of imagination
I couldn’t drum up a worse vision in a fever dream with a temperature of 107

If someone had told you there would be Presidentin’ by tweet you would have had them committed or thought you were referring to this guy


The worst news about this reversal is awaiting a drop after the evening news cycle. Trump is going to cede the Golan Heights to North Korea. You read it here first.


Why not? It has been all over the news that Kim fell out of love with Trump.

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More indolent than some corpses. And stupider than anybody can possibly imagine.

Plus mentally / psychologically impaired. He’s a fucking mess.



When I say Trump can’t be manipulated, at least not long-term, I mean by anyone who’d seek for their own personal fortune or to help the nation. But Putin owns him, and once Trump went to Singapore he was under Kim’s thumb as well. If you have an ounce of real patriotism it’s sickening.


MSM, where are you?
If you do not step up and do your job you will not have one.
You will be rounded up and placed in an indoctrination camp.

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Yeah that’s the difference - I agree. Putin does own him and yes, Kim seems to have bought a piece of him, too.


Sigh. This is a comment thread for an AP piece. It doesn’t get more MSM than that. :smiley:


His Korean policy has been a massive failure, but rather than consult experts to change or refine the strategy, he’d rather double down on said failed policy than admit he screwed up.

His personal needs are so omnipresent and voracious that he can’t possibly consider the best interests of America.

I don’t know that I’ve met such a damaged soul in my entire life.


“It was announced today by the U.S. Treasury that additional large scale Sanctions would be added to those already existing Sanctions on North Korea,” Trump wrote from his private club in Palm Beach.

“I have today ordered the withdrawal of those additional Sanctions!”

“And speaking of smart economic moves,” Trump continued, “why not treat yourself and your family to the ultimate luxury, at Trump Pyongyang Tower and Casino, scheduled to open in late 2019. Ask about our exciting, new Joyous Martyrs of the Revolution Getaway™ packages, starting at only $499 per night (double occupancy).”