Discussion: Travis Childers Getting Ready To Play Spoiler In Mississippi Senate Race

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Bated breath. Not “baited.”


You learn something new every day. :slight_smile:

And as to the Richard Mourdock effect, I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s still Mississippi, it’s the still the midterms, and I think McDaniel has to say something currently outrageous before we can start to hope here.

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Chris McDaniel’s winning is a win no matter what. If Travis Childers beat him in November that would be an amazing victory. If not having a NeoConfederate Senator with a history of making bombastic racially loaded statements will badly damage and expose the GOP’s “rebranding” effort, as the sham it truly is.

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I’m not so sure. What do folks snack on in Mississippi?


What rebranding efforts? Except for some wishful thinking on MSNBC and stories here and there written by journalists who have a vested interest in the Republican party being competitive in 2016, I haven’t seen much evidence of Republican rebranding. The party itself is doubling down on good old fashioned white racism/sexism and is relying heavily on voter suppression.


Indeed. There’s been talk by G.O.P. spox about how they need to appeal to a broader range of voters, but that talk isn’t backed up by any substantive changes in policy. The party platform is still the same tired, familiar mix of mean-spirited, punitive prescriptions for what they think ails the nation.


Please proceed teabuggers
Love Hillary

This is a long shot. Plus it is the state’s first election using a new voter ID requirement.

I think you’re underestimating the capacity of the MSM to pretend like right wing extremism in the GOP is normal and okay and the same as it ever was.

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To answer the article’s question…nope.

To ask a question of my own, I’ll be voting around 6PM CST this afternoon.

Should I follow Plucky’s strategy and vote for McRacist, in the hopes that Childers can win (even though I don’t think he can) or vote for Cochran, who is almost the textbook definition of the lesser evil?

Anything fried. Kind of like Paula Deen recipies but less healthy.

well, lets hope mcdaniel wins.this being mississippi, I’m not holding my breath.

That would be my approach, and not just in the hope, however vain, that Childers can win. There’s something to be said for revealing just how extreme the G.O.P. has become. Having yet another loon in the Senate might wake up a few people. To quote I Claudius, “Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.”

(Once again, I’d love to stick around and chat, but the TPM commenting system regards me as an existential threat to all that’s holy, so this post is my “three on a match” moment.)

From what I have read, Childers may be pretty conservative on a lot of issues, but he is a big supporter of public education, Medicare, and Social Security. You’d think that MS voters would choose a guy like that over one whose minions harass sick old women.


Do Dems Have A Shot In Mississippi If The Tea Party Candidate Wins?

Not with that mustache.

I would vote McDaniels. Not only is there the slightly increased chance of the Dem winning, and as pointed out earlier, exposing the GOP to the nations as the racist inbred bastards they are, but there is another important point.

Thad Cochran is the ranking GOP member on the Senate Agricultural Committee, and he previously chaired the appropriations committee. If he is re-elected, he will probably chair both the Agricultural and Appropriations committee if the GOP wins the Senate. But if McDaniels wins, he will be a junior senator with no power. If he is lucky he will be put on a lower panel. No offence meant, but I lean toward taking those kinds of powers away from Mississippi.

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I voted for Akers and have no regrets. He was a doozy.

Normally I advocate against playing games - that you should want the least bad choice to be the nominee, just in case.
But in this instance, I think I might go with McDaniels.

Well, like I said it’s not an easy decision.

Then again, I’m pretty well convinced that Cochran is toast anyway, just judging from the general enthusiasm I’m seeing on the streets.