Discussion: Translators, Accustomed To Being In The Background, Thrust Into Spotlight

I completely understand the retired translator’s concerns. Under normal circumstances I would absolutely agree.

But these are not normal days nor normal circumstances nor a normal “president,” so normal procedures may need to be abandoned.

And about the translator’s concern that, if the Helsinki translator would be subpoenaed, "then no foreign leaders would want to meet with any of our leaders, I would rebut this with: again, under normal circumstances with a normal “president.” But they all know that we have a pathological liar on our hands, which is not normal. I suspect, except for those who also have something to hide, the vast majority of today’s world leaders would welcome an on-the-record accounting with this “president”.

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The translators were there to help Wibbly-Wobbly understand the LONG words .

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You know I’m surprised that they found a translator that could function as a normal translator, but with the bonus of translating Russian, to Standard English, to Trumpianspeak. Because when we talk about being lost in translation that is Trump. I wonder if he has an English to Trump translator at the all his meetings?

Why is it assumed that the often confused, befuddled Trump even remembers totally what was discussed in Helsinki? There may be no reliable record.