Discussion: TransCanada Asks US to suspend Keystone Pipeline Application

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Oh noes…all 3 jobs keystone was going to create are lost now. Tragedy…it’s all Clinton and Obama’s fault that we’ll go straight into another recession over this.


Good news for Clinton, I guess. Takes this one off the table.

Yeah no, I don’t think this is the end of the story.

  Historically low oil prices have also undercut the financial logic of the project.

Therein lies the gist —


But…but…30,000 jobs were promised!


As if oil prices are going to stay low.

Probably not — But they are NOW — That’s my point

The Planet wins one, for once.
Now if we could only throw out the morons in Congress, maybe America could have a real Legislative branch. One that could count to 20 without having to remove their shoes.

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As someone who spent a little time helping to fight Keystone XL, I would say our delaying tactics did their part.

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Briefly, very briefly. If they can’t do it by pipeline, just as soon as the oil prices tick upward, they’ll ship it via rail.

There could be another possible twist here, though. Suspending the application avoids it being rejected outright, which could just mean that they are waiting for the election to be over, in hope that a Republican gets elected. In which case they can just instantly “unsuspend” it, and push it through. I don’t know, but my guess is that if it is formally rejected, they would have to at least make a show of modifying the proposal in some way in order to resubmit it.


My thinking also. Wishful thinking on that one…

So more time to develop alternative energy sources.

The damned pipeline just about makes no sense at all anyways. Why pipe it all the way across America, to the Gulf and then ship it somewhere else?
Why doesn’t Canada just do its own dirty work?
What do we get out of it?
Why not develop new technology and quit keeping this dying energy source alive?

This is a boondoggle that will benefit the very few mega-wealthy and the heartless petroleum industry only. We don’t even need the stinking tar sand oil and the risk vs reward is a major loser on the risk side.