Discussion: Town In Hungary Hangs Netanyahu, Peres in Effigy, Denounces "Efforts of Freemason Jews to Rule the World."

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Plus ca change.

In much of the world, plus ca change …

Sounds like Jobbik is hard at work…

“Freemason Jews”?? Didn’t think Jews could be Freemasons nor would they want to be. But we’re not talking about Mensa either.


Conspiracy theories mix freely and irrationally. Remember that these particular “people” (I use the term loosely in connection with neo-Nazis) assailing Jews for the deaths of Palestinians also loathe, fear and preach against Arabs in Europe. They “care” about Arab deaths only if it allows an easy justification for their even older and deeper anti-Judaism.

There are a number of people, including Krugman, who have expressed concerns about Hungary being on a path to Fascism.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Jews can be Freemasons which has nothing to do what so ever with the fact that most Catholics most Protestant sects say you can’t be a Freemason and part of their church.

Hate begets hate.

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Yes, his deep and sincere concern for the plight of the Palestinian people is palpable.

These guys are giving the Israelis a run for their money in the art of taking the low road and looking the villain. Why bother, Erpatak? Are sending children to join Hamas next?

Israel, however disproportionate its response and however much blame it bears for creating the overall situation, is at least responding to a group (Hamas) that is genuinely devoted to its destruction and that is fully prepared to slaughter civilians, including its own, to achieve its aims.

What have Hungarian villagers ever suffered at the hands of Jews?

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Obviously on a break from his day job as a motion-capture performer in the Hungarian visual effects industry.

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While I’m glad we’re not alone in being the only country with idiots, I can’t say I’m glad there are so many of these asses all over the place.

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Freemasons are still a thing? Dude that is so last millennium.

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Of course that is what we no they want you to think or have thunk

The Arrow Cross lives!

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So it is your contention that Hamas sincerely believes the rockets it fires at Israel are going to destroy the government and allow Hamas to take over Israel?

Hamas is trying to pressure Israel to give Gaza the basic rights of a sovereign territory which they are supposed to be. Those rockets are hardly more than an inconvenience to Israel, and Hamas is well aware of that. As far as targeting civilians, Hamas’ rockets aren’t even accurate enough to target Israel. Iron Dome ignores over half the launches because they are pointed anywhere threatening at all.

Hamas hopes that enough inconvenience, and some small personal, but persistent, risk of injury or death will eventually induce the Israeli government to relax the embargoes and quit using Gaza as a laboratory for anti-personnel weapons and techniques (which Israel markets worldwide). The rockets do cause significant inconvenience and disruption to the Israeli business day.

If you believe Hamas thinks it is destroying Israel, then it doesn’t take much to extend that credulity to believing in a worldwide masonic/jewish conspiracy. Don’t be feeling too superior to those Hungarian villagers just yet!

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DeMolay is avenged. or not


The fact that they lack the means to carry out their dreams doesn’t make their desires any less real. Or do you actually believe that Hamas is really a bunch of heroic freedom fighters desperate to make life better in Gaza… even as they invite the slaughter of their own people in hopes of political capital?

I have no problem with condemnation of Israel’s actions. I do have a problem – a big problem – with romanticizing Hamas. What Israel is doing in Gaza is wrong: disproportionate to the point of savagery. But that does not mean that Hamas is an innocent group pursuing reasonable concessions. Or is it beyond your comprehension that one side doing wrong doesn’t make the other automatically right?

Al Qaeda has no actual chance of bringing down the US. Does that make 9/11 just a gesture to force us to be nicer to them? Does it mean that they aren’t actually determined to cause as much carnage as they possibly can?

You sneer at my “credulity,” yet you seem unable to distinguish motives from ability. Hamas will NEVER live in peace with Israel. The fact that they won’t be able to destroy Israel doesn’t alter their unwillingness to ever accept its existence. Nor does their present inability to cause mass Israeli casualties in any way indicate that they aren’t fixated on doing so… as they always have been in the past.

Your comparison of my argument to the views of these Hungarian lunatics is beneath comment.