Discussion: Top NYC Board of Elections Official Suspended After Primary Day Complaints

Let’s see here…“Maude O’Grady, born 1846.” Nope, best leave her on the list.

The Commissioners’ Executive Committee of the Board of Elections in the City of New York voted to suspend Borough Office Chief Clerk, Diane Haslett-Rudiano without pay, effective immediately pending an internal investigation into the administration of the voter rolls in the Borough of Brooklyn.

Suspended without pay prior to anyone actually looking into this? Wow. I get the audit, since if there’s real question, it should be looked into, but given the Brooklyn has something like 2.5M people, the numbers don’t really seem to be outlandish for normal voter roll cleanup Is there more to this outside of (mostly) Bernie-ite bellowing?

Irregularities in Brooklyn. Where Bernie Sanders grew up? Think maybe a lot of those disenfranchised voters might have voted for Sanders, and the Democratic establishment couldn’t have that?


Yeah, I’m not really getting the impression of “voter suppression” perhaps as much as incompetence. I’m not saying that incompetence should be tolerated; I’m saying that it doesn’t appear as though this was anything nefarious.

EDIT TO ADD: Less Kris Kobach more jamoke.


Sure. but Hillary won Brooklyn by a huge margin, so unless there was some sort of amazing ability to target specific voters for culling, it just seems really unlikely that something like this would actually help her. If one wanted to hurt Bernie, then presumably they’d cull voters from upstate, in places where he did well. Doing so in a relative Hillary stronghold would actually hurt her numbers.

It’s possible that only Bernie leaning demographics were culled here, but that doesn’t seem terribly likely and would be pretty obvious on review. As noted, I’m not against an audit since confidence in our voting is important, but I’m not getting the “we was robbed” conspiracy stuff that seems to float around it.


This wasn’t a Hil vs. Bern cull. This was a Dem vs. Rep cull. These were all Democratic voters as I read it.
From the story on Raw Story

A longtime New York City elections official was suspended without pay
Thursday, allegedly for removing the names of more than 100,000 Brooklyn
Democrats from the voter rolls in what has been described as a clerical


Please. The idea that Brooklynites would have some greater propensity to vote for Bernie than voters in any of the other five boroughs because Bernie came from there decades ago–when the demographics of Brooklyn were very different–is just silly.