Discussion: Top Dem Wants Info On Flynn’s Foreign Contacts From Ex-Business Partner

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Flynn was ultimately asked to resign from the Trump administration for his failure to properly disclose his contacts with Russian officials during the campaign, as well as payments he received from Russian companies and Alptekin.[/quote]

Can we please make it a habit to say “allegedly for failure to properly disclose”? I don’t believe that Flynn failed to disclose anything. That’s the stated reason for firing him. It remains unproven.

It may be alleged that he failed to properly disclose foreign ties, but as I recall the proferred reason for his dismissal/resignation from the WH was that he lied to Mike Pence about contacts with the Russian ambassador.

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What’s up with Gowdy?!

Also,in the “what’s up?” department, did they always wear uniforms that were so gaudy? I’m a veteran and I don’t remember ever seeing fancy,showy stuff like that on uniforms,even in magazines or on TV. I’m not gonna comically characterize them, but they’re excessively flashy, tastewise. And I realize they’re formal ones, for rubbing elbows with captains of industry, or nazis or the KGB or whatever it’s called now. Guess I’m just old.

He has no brain cells.

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