Discussion: Top Dem. Sen.: Obama Admin's Iran Taking Points Are 'Straight Out Of Tehran'

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Talk about being part of the problem.


I’ve never been quite clear where Menendex is coming from on this. Yeah, he’s quite a hawk generally. But, when it comes to Iran, it almost seems there’s something irrational going on. Is there some personal factor unknown to me?

We really do have a chance for significant diplomatic breakthroughs with Iran, even with every effort by the GOP to sabotage everything. But why-oh-why is Menendez also aiming to unleash a nuclear Iran by helping Republicans kill negotiations? What’s up?

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Yes, Senator, the Obama administration and the Iranian regime are completely on the same page.
That’s why the economic sanctions we and our allies have imposed on them in order to get them to the negotiating table have devastated their economy.
Now that we are making fitful starts over the Iran nuclear issue, Menendez wants to blow it all up with additional, provocative sanctions that could only lead to a collapse in the talks and the international coalition that we have built – which include even China and Russia.
No, Menenedez is not satisfied that Iran is on its knees – he wants to see them crawling on their bellies.
And to what end?


This douche has been on my douche list for a very long and douchey time.

I think he’s just mad about Cuba and is throwing a hissy over it in any way he can.


And the Senator from Israel is heard from…

New Jersey has a large Jewish population. Big Jewish holidays are light traffic days.

Maybe he is pandering to them, or throwing a fit over Cuba. His old Cong. District is heavily Cuban and he was always on the anti-Castro kool-aid.

Iran has been 6 months away from having a nuclear bomb for over 20 years. He needs to chill out.


Right Senator. Nothing like ridiculous and petty accusations to accentuate your childish temper tantrum.

That’s a grossly irresponsible remark. He may think Obama is getting his talking points from Tehran but Menendez is damn sure getting his from the GOP. This asshole has been a pain in the ass when it comes to foreign policy. He’s another Cuban with an ownership complex when it comes to policy with Havana and now this. If the Democrats EVER want to be in power or seen as powerful again they will put the kibosh on this clown hard and now.

Shut this asshole up Democrats or he is going to shut you down.

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First of all Cuban Americans shouldn’t control policy with Cuba anymore than Chinese Americans should with China. We need to get over all that. It’s not “their” foreign policy…its ours. Second, Senator Menendez was born in the USA. He is NOT a Cuban and never was. He has no special position here.


Where he is coming from? From the FOX news set…that’s where. Obama has imposed very harsh sanctions on Tehran and they have forced a change in attitude there. Sure the Ayatollah has to keep up appearances but he blinked…and the new President of Iran is someone we might be able to work with…no matter on how small a scale a worthy thing to do. The issue is to not blow what the sanctions have given us by layering on more. Obama is not opposed to more sanctions…just not now.

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Menendez is a xenophobic jerk. Now with McCain in Armed Services Committee control and this clown in Foreign Relations, this country’s work to disarm any nuclear program in Iran might as well be packed away for Armageddon. People like this are part, perhaps an even bigger part, of Obama’s problem with the GOP. They run from the President’s plans faster than jackrabbits, and often undercut the very things they say they want. How did we ever get such stupid people in Congress? Oh… never mind, I know the answer all too well.

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These guys just have to sound tough for a living while just really playing their role.

k in va. mendendez has clearly inhaled too many toxic fumes on the jersey turnpike.

I could not agree more. He seems beholden to the old Cubans in Union City, NJ.

He should get with the program or get out.

We may need Iran to help counter Saudi Arabia, and some of our other Gulf friends, who keep sending cash and support to ISIS.