Discussion: Top Dem: Russia's Election System Attacks More Extensive Than Reported

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Congress is doing what hell of a job. They only learn about things from whistle blowers in the press that somehow Trump is able to arrest and prosecute as “leakers”.

The leakers are the Patriots…the Congress are fucking welfare dolls not doing their god damn jobs!


Top Dem: Russia’s Election System Attacks More Extensive Than Reported

Putin’s denials will be much more extensive, too.



Drip, drip, drip. Jesus.


This is simply astounding. The Winner files indicate a degree of Russian tampering far beyond the Russian leaking of the Democratic Party emails. This verges on a casus belli.



”The Virginia Democrat said he wanted intelligence agencies to publicize the names of election officials and states affected by Russian interference…”

Ten’ll get you twenty those "100 local election officials” were in predominantly blue jurisdictions.

(And that there were plenty more not even addressed in this particular leaked document.)

Where simply accessing the voter registrations of a handful of Dems per precinct would be enough.

Because you don’t need to flip votes if you can “lose” enough registrations.

And disqualify (in the aggregate) sufficient Dems for that 70K vote loss across those three key states.

I mean, who’s gonna notice one or two additional folks turned away on Election Day amid all those others?


That’s how Greg Palast claims it was done.


“I don’t believe they got into changing actual voting outcomes,”

Why do Democrats always go with the weakest phrasing?

"We don’t yet know if it got into changing actual voting outcomes”

How hard is that?




“I don’t believe they got into changing actual voting outcomes,” Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) told USA Today.

Agreed 100%, lestatdelc, and I came here to say essentially the same thing. What’s wrong with “We haven’t seen sufficient evidence yet to conclude that voting outcome were or were not changed.”

They’re giving the narrative to the 'pubs like this is some sort of gentlemen’s club!


It never made sense to me that ALL the pollsters were wrong predicting an HRC victory. She won the popular votes by up to 3 million votes and lost the swing states by a mere 80,000 votes combined costing her the EC. As time is passing, more and more is being discovered about just how far the russians were involved in determining the outcome of the election. Now this latest revelation, ho boy. In the foreseeable future, I will NOT be surprised to learn that the voting machines themselves were hacked, and that that votes for HRC were changed to trump. I hope not. I could live with a trump presidency if it was won fair and square. But this stinks to high heaven.


One part of this story that troubles me, if true, is the report (which I’ve now heard on NPR twice) that The Intercept informed the FBI that it had received a leaked document, and described the contents, which is how the FBI was able to track down who leaked iit and arrest her. So, after going to bat for years for Snowden and decrying the supposed crackdown on whistleblowers, and then spending the better part of the last year ridiculing any notion of Russian interference in the election, suddenly now that Trump is President, at the first chance it gets, the same folks at The Intercept now burn their source? What message does that send to other potential sources with info and docs about all the facets of the Trump-Russia story? Why, geez, if one didn’t know any better, one might be inclined to suggest that the Greenwaldian crew of misfits at The Intercept are still doing Putin’s work, even under the guise of leaking a document.


I keep wondering… what if this is true beyond our imagination and there really is more evidence of hundreds of small hacks that sum up to a stolen election?

What if it is true and the FBI and shadow agencies in the US are desperately trying to push it down to prevent the massive outrage and anger between both sides (both claiming conspiracies) to the degree of riots and much much more.

It would split the country.


If - and I agree that it’s still a big if - the voting machine software was hacked in highly targeted precincts to precisely flip certain votes, it wouldn’t have stopped at the presidential race. In order for Tramp to be able to ram through his Russian-friendly agenda, he would need a compliant congress. And that SCOTUS seat wouldn’t hurt, either.


True that spencer. The Dems were predicted to win the Senate also.


'Course, I couldn’t figure out why on earth she leaked it to The Intercept as opposed to The Guardian or WAPO. The thought crossed my mind that she was a ‘Greenwaldista’; gave it to The Intercept and figured the boyz knew what they were doing. My take is incompetence.


Another useful dupe, no doubt.


Sounds about right, Ralph. What Winner didn’t realize is that Greenwald isn’t interested in info that paints his overlords in a bad light. He/they may have burned her on purpose to try to discredit the info but we’re way past that now.

My take is naivete.