Discussion: Today Is The Day: Marriage Goes Before the Court

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My fingers are crossed, a sign of hopefulness? Maybe. Truthfully: As hopeful as I am that we might see marriage equality–at least on paper–throughout the land, I would not at all be surprised if SCOTUS mangles this decision to liken it more for a “states rights” issue. Supremely disappointed and very distrustful, but not overly surprised.

That said, I’m hoping for at least a 6-3 decision in favor of marriage equality and would love for a 7-2 decision (I think Scalia and his BFF Thomas are lost causes to anything resembling empathy, etc.) – because the higher the votes in favor of equality, the easier it will be for the many officials across the nation who don’t really support equality but wish this particular issue would go away to say to their side “See, we did what we could but we live in a nation of laws and the highest court in the nation ruled those laws were not in line with the constitution we love and cherish, etc.” (or something like that). We will always have the hardcore holdouts but they would at least be that much more marginalized, at least from a legal standpoint.

Either way, I must say I am as excited about today as much as I am anxious. :o)

I look forward to the evangelicals losing their minds in June when it happens.
There’s a certain meanness in taking pleasure in that, so I am a little ashamed of myself. But I recall working with the (sieg) Hyles-Anderson fundies in the 1980s and the intolerance they showed to everyone and the arrogance they showed in believing they were right and everyone else was going to hell. And I recall a now-preacher telling me I was sinful and an obvious drug user while stealing packs of cofffee from the restaurant so he could do all-nighters. And then there’s Pastor Jack Schaap of the college’s church being busted for taking an underage girl across state lines.
I’m not going to be very in-your-face about it, but I know I will take some satisfaction in their reaction to what seems to be an obvious conclusion.
And I’m going to watch to see how many of them start to leave the church and unaccredited “college” to follow their natural desires, most likely young men as the women are little more than slaves.