Discussion: TJ Maxx, Marshalls To Follow Wal-Mart In Raising Workers' Wages

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Note that NY State minimum wage (for instance) is already $8.75/hour.

“Low-paying retailers are having a harder time retaining workers as the job market improves.”

Say that again in your head slowly. Again. Again. Again.


Of course, that pretty much explains why the MSM is fairly mum on the whole story: it constitutes proof that the economy is healing under Obama.

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Pretty good kick for a lame duck.

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This miserly meting out of concessions is to me a preemptive tactic by an industry that knows they’re losing. No time like the present to redouble our resolve, and not put down those pitchforks and torches yet.


I’m with you… i think they are trying to avoid the $15/hour which is coming down the pike.

to the pitchfork store!

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