Discussion: Times Of Israel Apologizes For 'Hoax Blogger' That Published Genocide Post

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The new evidence about white supremacists boasting they were going to do this clinches it: that’s who wrote this bogus crap. The fact that Bornstein had angered white supremacists clinches it even further.

No Jew, however right-wing, would quote fake Talmudic law. But white supremacists’ anti-semitism rests on claims that Jews deny anyone else’s humanity – and that’s what this piece purported to show from “Jewish law” (just as plots for world domination are “proved” with the Protocols).

By suggesting “medical experiments” on the victims, the piece further raised the insidious blood libel… which no one but an anti-Jewish propagandist would do.


That hoax blogger was really saying what Netanyahu thinks.


Not much of a prank. Just read the commentary, not the original article, but aside from the medical experiments part, why are people upset?
This is clearly the Netanyahu regime’s attitude towards Palestinians, both personal and political.
Heck, I know Reformed Jews in the US who feel this way and aren’t shy about saying so. MINUS THE MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS of course,and not all feel this way etc, but the post was hardly “A Modest Proposal”…
If the Israelis did not think Palestinians were subhuman they would not be kept in subhuman conditions. There is my “hoax” statement.

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Again, I think this thread on false talmudic quotes is worth reading and informative.


We can find genocidal thoughts expressed in the fanatical views in the name of the one true God in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. And in my view, dehumanizing attitudes toward Arabs reflect and may be projections of views of Nazi’s toward Jews and, frankly, of Christendom toward Jews for a heck of a long time. They disappoint my view of Judaism, which is American Secular/Reform.

It is notable that their ‘apology’ is that it was a ‘hoax blogger’ and not for the content of the blog.

Bibi’s nom de plume?