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Okay, am I missing something here? It sounds like Kelly contacted someone at McDaniel’s campaign, told them of the video. The McDaniel campaign took one look, determined it was toxic, demanded its removal and immediately apologized to the Cochran campaign. It is certainly repugnant behavior, but it sounds like as soon as anyone with any clout heard about it they tried to put a stop to it.

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What you’re missing is that three weeks later, when Kelly was arrested, the McDaniel campaign people were saying, in effect, “This is the first we’ve ever heard of this guy.” Why were they lying about it? I don’t know the answer to that question, but it needs to be asked, and answered.


in addition to insisting that they are not racists, the Teabaggers will now have to scream that they are not mean motherfuckers as well.

“…under the Vulnerable Adults Act passed in 2001…”

Y’all’ve been pulling this shit for 13 years?

It also sounds like someone encouraged someone else to commit an illegal act for political gain.

The cover up raises red flags. Why the need for the lies?

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But the campaign didn’t say at the beginning (back in April) that they knew who the guy was. They said they were trying to sic volunteers on whomever posted the video.

I’m certainly not for McDaniel getting elected, but until i see more concrete evidence, i don’t see much in the way of a cover up at this point. I’m actually willing to give this inexperienced campaign the benefit of the doubt at this point. They certainly don’t seem like seasoned operatives who know how to deal with questions like this.

That being said, this whole thing would be moot if Mississippi would just elect a democrat already. Try it, you might like it!

Kelly’s wife said that Kelly was contacted by the McDaniel campaign shortly after the video was posted, back in April, and was asked to take it down. How could the McDaniel campaign have contacted Kelly if they didn’t know who he was?

Kelly’s blog has been pounding the drum for McDaniel for months. What ongoing contacts McDaniel’s people may have had with Kelly previously remains to be seen, but you can be certain that their campaign (and Conchran’s) kept up with what he was posting on a regular and frequent basis.