Discussion: TIMELINE: How Republicans Broke Their Promise On Preexisting Conditions


How the Republican’s Broke Their Promise?

By being Party Before Country Republican’s.

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Obama sure confused the hell out of Republicans by getting their original proposal passed and dubbed “Obamacare.”


It’s a clever parsing to say that the Republican plan makes coverage “available” to those with pre-existing conditions. Sort of like how a Rolls Royce is “available” to everyone as long as you have a spare $250,000 sitting around.


This Cassidy-Graham/repeal and replace bill is the “high fructose corn syrup” of the medical coverage world.


Perfect example. Everytime someone says single-payer would “ration” healthcare, i say it is already unfairly rationed to those who can afford it, because the current system is grossly uneconomical to administer compared to the rest of the industrialized world. I would rather have my medical decision being made by a government doctor thsn an insrance administrator as it is now.


No less than criminal behavior.


Lying is a feature not a bug.
Have the Republicans ever been honest ?
They have embraced Orwellian doublespeak and doublethink for decades and with the assistance of Faux news and The Conservative entertainment Complex have managed to create an environment where Donald Trump is seen as a viable candidate.
Eat shit and die all of them


Al Franken had it right in the title of his book “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them - A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right.” Applicable to just about every Republican policy and plan back then and, especially, since.


This is all about gutting medicare. If Republicans kill a few million other Americans in the process so be it. If they wanted to live they should have been born rich.


Pre-existing. Such a clever word.

Every time you change jobs, any and every affliction you have will be paid for entirely and fully out of your own pocket.

This keeps costs down. Costs for insurance companies.

Individual health care costs will go through the roof, however, and insurance premiums for ailments you don’t have and may never get will still increase, because insurance companies need a growing profit.


OK at this point in time we all have to admit that the Republican controlled Congress which has the lowest pull numbers in our history is as smart as your bum president. I don’t think the Republicans in the House of representative The Senate or the presidency have a clue about how to govern none of them they’re all incompetent.


The baseline in the conversation for the American Public, mostly, is that preexisting conditions, in a plain reading of that term SHOULD be covered by all plans. Good. That is a big frame shift from 10 years ago.


I’m going to expand on what @dddinah stated and add some of these Senators are dim. And when I saw dim I mean there are those who have been around through all of the previous healthcare debates under Obama and seem to not have retained the information gleaned through lo those many months of debates. What seems to be the sticking points is that legislators that came to office after the PPACA was passed, so they have no knowledge didn’t take the time to learn anything, and have their sore spots that they are aggrieved with - pre-existing conditions, covering those infernal health care for women’s lady parts and such.

With all of this I wish home town reporters would ask their elected members of Congress why do you hate your constituents? What outcome is better for their states-a healthy working population or those struggling with medical bills?


But they are still opposed to covering women’s lady parts? Is this still some religious hang up that women are lesser?


Also teeth aren’t covered which is very weird to me.


Back in the late eighties I found that I could buy insurance, in fact I found two options. One was the state high risk pool and the premium was a couple or three times my monthly salary, plus the high deductible, etc., and I wouldn’t be able to go to MD Anderson where I had been treated (out of state). The other option was a high-deductible, low-cap policy that excluded anything having to do with my brain, my heart, my lungs, my skin, my eyes or ears, my blood or lymphatic systems, or any abdominal organs. Literally the only thing I could find that would be covered was a broken toe, as long as I didn’t stub it on my way to see the doctor, lol.

That’s the world they are asking us to return to.


Yes! People think this is about the exchanges, and that is part of it. But the provisions forbidding exclusions and caps are true for all policies, even in group plans. When or if the GOP nukes ACA, those protections go away for everyone.

The vindictive souls clamoring for repeal likely don’t know that.


Yeah there was a story I read a couple of months ago about a 13 y/o from Baltimore that died from complications of a tooth problem. The way I understood it he had an infection, medicaid didn’t cover teeth, and it just got worse until the infection spread.


The repeal of Obamacare has nothing to do with healthcare and making sure Americans have access to quality healthcare at affordable prices! The very conservative main stream media in the US has continue to fail on telling the truth and holding their fellow Republicans honest!

The media and Republicans want to repeal healthcare for 3 reaons:

  1. Erase the legacy of our 1st black President (Obama)
  2. Cut Medicare to set up the budget for a another very large tax cuts for the Billionaires and rich constituents of the Republicans and the media
  3. Keep the working class and poor as por as possible so they are desperate and easier to exploit

Trump never had any intention of improving healthcare in America - he’s a billionaire and doesn’t need it or want it for others! His base has been totally conned.