Discussion: Three Reasons To Boycott Netanyahu's Speech To Congress

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“There is no question whatsoever that Saddam is seeking, is working, is advancing towards to the development of nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said in 2002 testimony to Congress. “Once Saddam has nuclear weapons, the terror network will have nuclear weapons,” [HT/Vox]


Here is a 4th reason, Barack Obama will be President until 2016. Poking the administration in the eye is just about the worst thing Netanyahu could do if you are at all interested in making sure there is no distance between Israel and the American government.


The most important reason is that it is going to be painfully, overwhelmingly boring. Life is short and the speech will undoubtedly be wayyyy too long.

PS-If there is a really good lunch afterwards, you can always show up for that.


How about just rebut the speech, while asking Republicans to explain why they think a foreign leader should dictate American foreign policy to the United States? Nowhere else in the world would the false accusation of being anti-Israel be harmful to public opinion of the US.


Republicans have been dangerously disrespectful towards this President from day 1. Some days, it seems they are trying to outdo each other in seeing how low they can go. They still cannot accept our duly elected black Democrqtic president is legitimate, and I am damn sick of it!


No one should attend. We need to stop Speaker Boehner’s overreach.


I only need one reason:

Because It’s The Right Thing To Do.


There are many reasons and these are just three. It goes against protocol, several different protocols to be more accurate and it is against our policy of not interfering with the elections of foreign nations.
This partisan maneuver endangers the partnership of the US and Israel, which mostly benefits Israel but they are still an ally.
This partisan maneuver also makes the relationship a partisan issue which is a first and does much damage including making Our President have to think twice about all deals with Israel.
This also plays right into Iran’s plans to develop nuclear weapons.

What good this speech does, seems to be only all about Netanyahu and his appearance and how that affects his re-election. There is no deeper meaning.


I think that Bibi prefers to have the attention on Iran. If peace did suddenly break out with the signing of a nuclear agreement then the world might put its attention on Israel’s unconscionable treatment of Palestinians.


Let him try to meddle in our politics all he wants. We’re big girls and boys…we can handle it. The bigger insult is that he seeks to use our political forums as part of HIS country’s politics. We should be nobody’s fucking puppet. NOBODY’S. The only reason the GOP/Teatrolls are willing to dance while Bibi pulls the strings, thereby making the country look weak and malleable, is because they think it suits their own agenda, but really all it does is make us look like tools who are easily manipulated whenever someone can come up with a political carrot to dangle in our faces. They are basically helping Bibi triangulate us and it’s FUCKING PATHETIC.


He continues to alienate half the US population, watch how long support for Israel will last. And to think his poll numbers are up. Hey Bibi - it’s not the pols you have to worry about. It’s the people who elect the pols.


Can someone please explain the logic of why more aren’t boycotting this?

I am quite convinced if the roles were reversed if reversed the Repubs would be lock-step together in boycotting.



Roles would never be reversed, though.

Democrats would never do something as outrageous as what Boehner did. They have an annoying, but admirable, tendency to respect the three branches of government. Foreign policy is conducted by the Executive Branch.

End of story.

Republicans on the other hand are still convinced that the black guy in the WH is illegitimate, and thus, meddling in foreign policy is not “meddling”. It’s “saving the US” from that “interloper”. Netanyahu gets this better than most of the GOP does. Hence, The Speech.

Putin-Netanyahu 2016!!!


The GOP told us that if we opposed W’s policies, we were “giving aid and comfort to the terrorists.” By their very own terms, that is precisely what the Republicans are doing now.


I hope the US pays him back when it comes to support at the UN.


“Iran is not your ally. Iran is not your friend.”

Unless Israel has oil, Cheney would disagree.

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Bibi should be detained and deported as an undesirable alien.