Discussion: This Is What An Unabashedly Pro-Obamacare Campaign Ad Looks Like

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That looks pretty easy to me. I hope they all get on this wagon.

I would have posted “Excellent” but there is a 20 character minimum, I guess to discourage…what?

Not a lot of insurance companies in Alaska. Democratic senators in other states may be in a catch-22 of their own making, because they have to say good things about Obamacare without saying bad things about any of their big corporate donors.

Umm not sure this makes sense. The insurance companies are doing very well under Obamacare.


(This post should not be treated as an insult, it’s more of a new, modern, online, meta form of communicaiton. An online onamatopeia, if you will… ;-))

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My point was that Begich can likely run an ad about taking on the insurance companies without getting a call from half a dozen in-state health-insurance execs about how they and their PACs are going to contribute the maximum allowed to his opponent as a result. Democrats in lots of other states have taken so much insurance-industry money that running an ad like this could jeopardize their financial health.

I still think your worry is overstated, but just my opinion.