Discussion: This Is The Jeff Sessions Election And The GOP Is Just Along For The Ride

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The Jeff Sessions GOP is rapidly approaching the point at which it will never again be a dominant force in US Presidential politics. Keep driving them over the cliff, you moronic little man.


Current crop of GOP racists run to establishment GOP racist for benediction and validation.
And the media still hasn’t figured out that the GOP is racist?
What, Sessions has to hand out pointy white hoods on the senate floor?


The racist, homophobic, misogynistic, hate filled Party of NO Ideas wants “its” country back! Yup! The GOPigs want to take back this country at least 200 years. Let’s build a wall!!!
Lil’ Jeffey’ Sessions and his ilk are the perfect symbols.


I live in the U.S. and am forty miles from the U.S./Mexico border. This man is truly sad and pathetic.


I wonder how many Confederate flags he owns?


“Our law enforcement system is in a state of collapse.
It is a deliberate plan by the President of the United States and it is wrong,” Sessions said

F^cking lunatic.
Nothing else left to say.



There is one Senator who cares about US workers, and that Senator is Jeff Sessions. The D Party no longer gives a crap about US workers. They care only for illegals. On PBS, they were broadcasting a show about the coal strikes in WV a 100 years ago. A man held up a sign: “Don’t be a scab”. To the D Party, I say: “Don’t support scabs, D Party. Support American workers, like Barbara Jordan.” In 1995, she published the “Report” of the Barbara Jordan Commission on Immigration. Point 1: Illegals must be deported.


Small minds think alike.



What a skilled and thoughtful debater you are. I salute you!

Here at TPM, it’s all ad homininism, all the time. Sometimes they state I have a small mind. Sometimes they call me a racist. But they never debate my points, because I am right, and my command of the facts is far superior to others.

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I agree with those who say that the Southern strategy is coming home to roost and, at this point, the GOP is fundamentally a racist party. However, it is not racist to believe that this country cannot accept an unlimited number of undocumented immigrants. Not everyone who lives in a dangerous country and who would prefer to live in the US can be allowed in, at least not if we want to continue to have public schools, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, etc. I think that we progressives are kidding ourselves by ignoring this fact and muddying the issue by conflating concern about undocumented immigration with anti-immigration in general. The concern about undocumented immigration crosses the traditional political lines.

Hey Nick, I don’t want to stereotype a whole group of people but who do you think harvests all the fresh vegetables and fruits that you eat? Or does your diet consist only of meat? Wait, who works the slaughterhouses and processing plants?


You appear to be unfamiliar with the H-2 visa. The H-2 visa allows farmers to bring in LEGAL TEMPORARY WORKERS. The legal workers need to be paid more. In fact, there was just a jump in the H-2 numbers.

But ag labor is only about 20% of illegal employment. Illegals infest the construction industry, thanks to Republican efforts which you and other Democrats support. Bob Perry, who invented and supported the Swift boat thing, was early to the effort to bring in illegals that he could underpay. Those were scabs, destroying the jobs of those white working class voters you hate. You and other Democrats support scabs. I don’t support scabs. I support American workers.

And then there are the 4,000,000 visa overstays. These take all kinds of high-paying jobs. We don’t track them. The recent immigration reform promised to “study” the visa overstay system. We need it fixed, and we need it fixed NOW.

Why do you hate American workers?

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As a social democrat, I support limiting immigration for a very different reason Vs Jeff Sessions and the Donald…the US has an over population crisis. We doubled our population during the baby boomer generation alone and we are now more than 320 million people and we can see indication after indication that we are in serious trouble with having way too many people.

Immigration needs to be part of a population contraction plan…to get the US to gradually reduce our population from today’s 320+ million to a sustainable 200 million.

We have water shortages, food shortages, congestion in every major city, government that is too small for 320 million, natural resource shortages, energy shortages, and of course climate change is obviously traced to having too many humans running around.

The US can’t sustain 320 million people and the planet can’t sustain 7 billion people. The US, India, and China need to shrink their populations - period!

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Solid retort Nick if t’were true.
Your points have been ‘debated’ at length here-- more than once-- and I’ve found them to be nativist at best, borderline racist at worst.

Your very narrow interpretation of Sen Sessions motivations are defining.

Jefferson Beauregard “Jeff” Sessions III cares little for US workers. But cares a great deal about preserving his generation’s dying vestige of White Privilege.

You should pick your moments to soapbox-- when the opening act is not such a poor reflection of your baser instincts.



There is nothing, NOTHING, in the article to which these comments are attached that is more stupid than: “even foreign doctors, engineers, and Ph.Ds among those coming under withering scorn.”

This statement demonstrates that you can always tell a journalist, but you can’t tell them much. We bring in foreign doctors because it is cheaper than training US kids to be doctors. Of course, this means that some US kids who wanted to be a doctor cannot due to lack of room for them. I work with these doctors, and they are not better, they are worse in many cases due to atrocious accents.

Scientists? There is a HUGE glut of scientists. You get the Ph.D. (4 years beyond the BA) and then PostDoc 1 (3-4 years), PostDoc 2 (3-4 Years). You can be 35-40 before landing a real job. Plus there is now the adjunct system, where you are doing a temp labor with the Ph.D. You get maybe $4-5000 per course. Do 6 courses - 6 PREPARATIONS - and you are making $24K. Why is this possible? Due to over-supply of Ph.D.s, and the foreign Ph.D. is the main reason for this.

Engineers? Like those they brought in replace the highly qualified, well-compensated workers at Disney, Toys-R-India (no US there anymore - they all got replaced), SC Edison, other power companies, Caterpillar, on and on and on. And these highly capable and well-trained individuals have to TRAIN THEIR REPLACEMENTS. Think of it - you are notified that you will be FIRED, but before going you have train some ignorant scab. It’s terrible, but many US IT/STEM workers have had to do this several times.

We need to REDUCE the H-1B, J-1, L-1, B-1, F-1, and OPT practical training numbers. Obama, may his name be cursed, is expanding the OPT and H-4 visas. He is the worst president for STEM/IT workers. Probably because the US IT head is an Indian immigrant.

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You are such a wonder. Like most here, you bleat “racist, racist, racist” but don’t understand anything of the actual issues.

You again failed to discuss any points. That’s because, unfortunately, you lack the “necessities” to do so. Too bad. You should go to college and get some larnin’, boy.

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And WV just became a Right to Work state. I wonder how that will help the good union folk there…


["We have a great politician here. We have a man here who really
helped me. And he is the one person I sought his counsel because he has
been so spot-on. He is so highly respected. Has anybody ever heard of
Senator Jeff Sessions?" Trump said as the crowd roared. "Jeff, come up.
Where is Jeff? Get over here, Jeff. Look at him. He is like 20 years
old. Unbelievable guy."]
Sessions has indeed written The Donald’s immigration plan. Let’s build walls; send the parents back; change the Constitution and send the babies as well…blah, blah, blah.
All part and parcel of that Kinder and Gentler Compassionate Con job bottom feeding hate peddlers, bigots and racists like Sessions sell to their depraved ‘base’:


Standard southern bigotry.